Academic Overview

Education is central to the mission of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. We teach students and inform the general public about the earth, its ocean, atmosphere and biosphere, about the hazards that natural phenomena such as earthquakes and climate fluctuations pose, and about the ways in which human beings are responsible for profound changes in the environment.

Our programs are broad, encompassing outreach via public lectures and exhibits; activities for high school students; undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees through Columbia University; and postdoctoral and professional training. Much of the formal teaching is conducted through Columbia's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, but several degree programs are organized in partnership with other departments and schools within the university. Graduate students take some of their classes at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, they conduct research in many of our laboratories, and they work with scientists on the observatory's research staff. Many of these scientists act as research advisors for the students or as members of advisory committees.

Degrees are awarded by the university, however, and students must apply to and be accepted into a school and department within the university for this purpose. Check the undergraduate and graduate pages for further information on specific programs.