2015 LDEO Summer Interns

   Georgia M. Bolduc - Bowdoin College

Mentor(s) - Wade McGillis and Diana Hseuh

Bronx River Breathing: An analysis of the effect of pollution on productivity in the Bronx River – Abstract   and  Slide


   Parker Case - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Allegra LeGrande, Kostas Tsigaridis

The Effect of Stratospheric Water Vapor in Large Volcanic Eruptions on Climate and Atmospheric Composition –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Dorthy Fang - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Andrew Juhl

Effects of Crude Oil on Growth Rate and Variable Fluorescence of Synechococcus sp. Marine Cyanobacteria  –  Abstract  and  Slide



   Kayla Farrel - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Brian Mailloux and Tyler Ellis

Investigating the Uptake of Inorganic Particulate Iron for the Pennate Diatoms Phaedactylum tricornutum and Thalassiosira pseudonana  - Abstract  and   Slide


  Camera Ford - Brown University         
  Discovery Program

Mentor(s) - Einat Lev

Red Hot: Determining the Physical Properties of Lava Lake Skin  – Abstract  and   Slide


   Karina Galinskaya - Brooklyn College

Mentor(s) - Dallas Abbot and Gary Mesko

Proposed Impact Lakes in the Russian Heartland  – Abstract  and  Slide


   Vincent Guarnaccia, Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Beizhan Yan

Transport of Oil from the Deepwater Horizon Spill  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Mariana Guzman Marquez - Bowdoin College

Mentor(s) - Alexandra Bausch, Joachim Goes

Why is green Noctiluca taking over the Arabian Sea? Assessing physiology with respect to N sources  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Thomas Harper - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Mentor(s) - Bill Menke

A Sharp Edge of the Cratonic Lithosphere of North America  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Allison Hooks - Columbia University 

Mentor(s) - Frank Nitsche

Sea-Level Rise Impacts on Hudson River Marshes   – Abstract  and  Slide


   Kevin Jackson - Lafayette College

Mentor(s) - Kevin Uno, Pratigya Polissar, Peter de Menocal

Changing Vegetation in Northeast Africa: Plant Wax Carbon Isotope Ratios Indicate Late Miocene Appearance of C4 Grasses  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Christy Jenkins - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Joachim Goes, Helga Gomes

Phytoplankton Community Structure, Biomass and Photosynthetic Competency Associated with Microscale Features and Frontal Zones of the Gulf Stream  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Omar Mahmood - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Ryan Abernathy and Lorenzo Polvani

Salinity Changes in the Southern Ocean  –  Abstract  and   Slide


  Kelsey Markey - Columbia University  

Mentor(s) - Cheryl Palm, Stephen Wood

Assessing Nutritional Differences in Household Level Production and Consumption in African Villages  –  Abstract and  Slide


  Sarah McGrath - College of Wooster

Mentor(s) - Allison Jacobel, Jerry McManus

   Geochemical comparison of pink and white Globigerinoides ruber: Investigating habitat niches and their paleoclimatic significance –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Jenny Olson - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Yael Kiro and Steve Goldstein

Dead Sea Water Sources during Periods of Extreme Aridity: Insights from U Isotopes  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Rebekah Packer - Barnard College

 Mentor(s) - Dorothy Pateet, Jonathan Nichols

 Macrofossils from No Bottom Pond, Nantucket reflect three millennia of changing land use and depositional environment  –  Abstract and  Slide


   Judy Pu - MIT

Mentor(s) - Bess Koffman, Cristina Recasens, Mike Kaplan, Sidney Hemming

K/Ar geochronology as a tool for tracing dust provenance in the Southern Hemisphere  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Briana Ramirez - St. Mary's University

Mentor(s) - Heather Ford

Investigating Changes in North Pacific Intermediate Water During the Last 4 Million Years  – Abstract  and  Slide


   Sarah Raney - Eckerd College

Mentor(s) - Kim Popendorf

Where’s the P in Plankton? Phosphorus allocation to DNA across different picoplankton of the Sargasso Sea  – Abstract  and  Slide


   Danielle Schimmenti - University of Miami

Mentor(s) - Jerry McManus, Adi Torfstein

Geochemistry of Marine Particulates Before Deep Sea Burial: What is the fate of 231Pa and 230Th in the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba, Red Sea?  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Peter Skryzalin - Rutgers New Brunswick

Mentor(s) - Bill Menke

The Seismically Slow Feature in the Asthenosphere Beneath Southern New England is Small and Intense  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Jason Swann - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Sam Phelps, Pratigya Polissar

Has atmospheric CO2 decreased over the last 11 million years?  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Imari Walker Karega - University of California Berkeley

Mentor(s) - William D'Andrea, Andrew Juhl

Interrogating a paleothermometer: Understanding alkenone production by algae as a function of light and temperature –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Anna Weiss - Oberlin College

Mentor(s) - Jonathan Nichols, Dorothy Peteet

Can New Zealand Peatlands Reveal Shifts in Southern Hemisphere Westerly Winds?  –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Jack Wilding - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Won-Young Kim

High-resolution seismic tomography in the northeast United States using Transportable Array data  –  Abstract  and  Slide