LDEO Interns 2016


2016 LDEO Summer Interns


   Melody Aleman - Millersville University

Mentor(s) - Ajit Subramaniam

Characterizing the phytoplankton community of the South China Sea – Abstract and Slide



   Hannah Bausch - University of Chicago

Mentor(s) - Elizabeth Ferriss, Terry Plank

Hydrogen diffusion in olivine phenocrysts from Episode 1 of the 1959 Kilauea Iki eruption –  Abstract and Slide


   Lindsay Buff - Hamilton College

Mentor(s) - Dan Rasmuseen, Einat Lev, Terry Plank

Geochemical constraints on volcano morphometry in the Aleutian Island volcanic arc  –  Abstract and Slide


   Karina Buhler - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Dorothy Peteet

Using macrofossils to reconstruct paleoenvironmental history of Cedar Swamp, High Point NJ –  Abstract and Slide


   Claire Carlson - Wheaton College

Mentor(s) - Dallas Abbott, Clara Chang, Karin Edwards

Annual manganese peaks in Hudson River sediment core LWB1-08  –  Abstract and Slide


   Vincent Clementi - Rutgers University

Mentor(s) - Laura Hayes, Baerbel Hoenish

Effects of changes in ocean circulation and hydrothermal vent activity on the B/Ca proxy in benthic foraminifera –  Abstract and Slide 


   Moussa Dia - College of William & Mary

Mentor(s) - Elizabeth Ferriss, Terry Plank

Hydrogen (H+) in olivine phenocrysts from the 1974 eruption of Volcan de Fuego  –  Abstract and Slide


   Audrey Dunham - Pennsylvania State University

Mentor(s) - Celine Grall, Dhiman Mondal, Michael Steckler

Modeling and analysis of theorized paleo-seismic event along the Burma Arc: Implications for an avulsion of the Meghna River – Abstract and Slide 


   Arnold Eatmon - Fort Valley State University

Mentor(s) - Donna Shillington, Natalie Accardo

3D variations in sediment architecture in the central basin of Lake Malawi from the SEGMeNT active source experiment  –  Abstract and Slide


   Jamie Feldman - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Richard Seager, Ming-Fang Ting

The 100th Meridian climate divide and its present and future impacts on the human geography of the American Great Plains –  Abstract and Slide


   Ian Hay - University of Maine Orono

Mentor(s) - Ajit Subramaniam

Bio-optical regions of the southwestern South China Sea  –  Abstract and Slide


   Aaron Jones - Vassar College

Mentor(s) - Trevor Williams, Sidney Hemming, Steven Boswell

Understanding Himalayan erosion using K/Ar thermochronological dating of silts and clays from the Bengal Fan –  Abstract and Slide


   Anuka King - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Maria Duik-Wasser

Modeling tick-borne diseases  –  Abstract and Slide


   Theodore Kuhn - Yale University

Mentor(s) - Roger Fu, Dennis Kent, Paul Olsen

A magnetostratigraphy for the Upper Tuchengzi and Lower Yixian Formations of North China –  Abstract and Slide


   Richard Li - Columbia University

Mentor(s) -  Mathieu Levesque, Laia Andreu-Hayles

Assessing climate sensitivity of two eastern U.S. broadleaf tree species using dendrochronology  –  Abstract and Slide


   Nathan Lis - Pennsylvania State University

Mentor(s) - Richard Seager, Ming-Fang Ting, Park Williams

Whither the 100th meridian: The once and future physical geography of America's arid-humid divide –  Abstract and Slide


   Danielle Lopes da Silva - Missouri University of Science and Technology

Mentor(s) - William Menke

Full wavefield simulations in an anisotropic media applied to the study of the Northern Appalachian anomaly  –  Abstract and Slide


   Evelyn Mayo - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Frank Nitsche

How has the Long Island sound seafloor changed over time? –  Abstract and Slide


   Celia McChesney - Texas A&M University

Mentor(s) - Heather Ford, Jerry McManus

Changes in thermocline structure in the eastern equatorial Pacific since the last glacial maximum  –  Abstract and Slide


   Nicholas Mehmel - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Kassandra Costa, Jerry McManus

Reconstructing hydrothermal activity on the Juan de Fuca Ridge over the past 25ka –  Abstract and Slide


   Anxhela Mile - Boston College

Mentor(s) - Kali McKee, Joachim Goes, Helga Gomes

The rise of the mixotroph Noctilcua scintillans in the Arabian Sea: Disruptive impact on the food web in a warmer world?  –  Abstract and Slide


   Joanna Millstein - Dartmouth College

Mentor(s) - Robin Bell, Indrani Das, Winnie Chu

An englacial radar attenuation modeling approach and application to the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica –  Abstract and Slide


   Carolien Mossel - State University of New York, Geneseo

Mentor(s) - Elise Rumpf, Einat Lev

Lava analog materials interacting with obstacles  –  Abstract and Slide


   Kimberly Myers - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Victor Gutierrez-Velez, Katia Fernandes

A spatial analysis of land cover, climate, and fire relationships in the Colombian Llanos –  Abstract and Slide


   Oluwaseyi Olojo - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Martin Stute, Francie Schuster

GPS precision and customized georeferenced maps on handheld devices: Educationsl modules at Blak Rock Forest  –  Abstract and Slide


   Evans Onyango - University of Houston

Mentor(s) - Donna Shillington, Natalie Accardo

Constraints on faulting and basin architecture in the North basin of Lake Malawi from active-source seismic data –  Abstract and Slide


   Allison Pease - Augustana College

Mentor(s) - Jim Davis

Sea level budget along the east coast of North America  –  Abstract and Slide


   Keegan Quigley - Brown University

Mentor(s) - Alberto Malinverno

Updating the geomagnetic polarity time scale with marine magnetic anomalies (Chrons C13-C33, 33-83 Ma): A progress report –  Abstract and Slide


   Warren Smith - Brown University 

Mentor(s) - Celine Grall, Michael Steckler, Chris Sorlien, Leonardo Seeber

Tectonic activity and stratigraphic history over the last 100 - 250ka on the Southern Shelf of the Sea of Marmara, Western North Anatolian Fault, Turkey  –  Abstract and Slide


   Fabian Stute - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Jonathan Nicholas, Dorothy Peteet, Alison Hoyt, Rene Dommain, Alex Cobb

Climate, fire, and vegetation control on peat carbon accumulation in Borneo –  Abstract and Slide


   Julianne Sweeney - State University of New York, Geneseo

Mentor(s) - Yael Kiro, Steve Goldstein

Using the 234U/238U Uranium isotope activity ratio as an indicator of the Dead Sea response to Holocene climate  –  Abstract and Slide


   Olivia Williamson - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Gwenn Hennon, Sheean Haley, Sonya Dhryman

Elevated pCO2 alters physiology and gene expression in harmful algal bloom species Heterosigma akashiwo –  Abstract and Slide


   Joel Wilner - Middlebury College

Mentor(s) - Kristy Tinto, Robin Bell

Distribution of sediments beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, from airborne magnetic data  –  Abstract and Slide


   Cynthia Zucker - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Arlene Fiore

The role of background ozone levels in contributing to high pollution events in Texas in 2011-2012 –  Abstract and Slide