Interns 2019

2019 LDEO Summer Interns


   Stephanie Arevalo - Housatonic Community College

Mentor(s) - Frank Nitsche and Timothy Kenna

• Spatial Distribution of Metals in Long Island Sound  – Abstract and Slide.


   Romilly Benedict – George Mason University

Mentor(s) - Sidney Hemming

• Sources of Sediment to Site U1474  – Abstract and Slide.


   Sophie Billinge – Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Martin Stute

• Environmental Tracers as Early Detectors of Groundwater Contamination due to Hydraulic Fracturing   –  Abstract and Slide.


   Sarah Blau – Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Brian Mailloux

• Radiocarbon Analysis of RNA to Determine the Sustainability of Pleistocene Aquifers in Bangladesh  – Abstract and Slide.


   Mariela Carrera – Hudson County Community College

Mentor(s) - Joachim Goes and Kali McKee

• Source and Fate of Microplastics Fibers in The Ocean: A Case of Study in Newtown Creek and Flushing Bay  – Abstract and Slide.


   Emily Carrero-Mustelier - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Bill Menke

• Seismic Anomalies in the Southeastern North American Asthenosphere as Characterized with Body Waves Travel Times from High Qualities Teleseisms   – Abstract and Slide.


   Miah Cohall - Manhattan College

Mentor(s) - Jerry McManus

• Did Icebergs Cause the Most Dramatic Climate Changes of the Last Ice Age?– Abstract and Slide.


   Bryan Fefe – Hostos Community College

Mentor(s) - Sidney Hemming

• Paleo-Hydroclimate of South African Rainfall prior Brunhes-Matuyama – Abstract and Slide.


   William Fleming - Columbia College

Mentor(s) - Susanna Straub

• Using Trace Elements in Olivine Phenocrysts to Test Models of Melt Differentiation at Convergent Margins: Constraints from Times Series in Monogenetic Volcanoes in the Central Tranmexican Volcanic Belt –Abstract and Slide.


   Camilo Florez – Kingsborough Community College

Mentor(s) - Chris Zappa

• Improving ADCP Measurements with Advanced Settings: Extended Velocity Range – Abstract and Slide.


   Chuqi Jiang – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Spencer Jones and Ryan Abernathey

• Trend Reversals in Subpolar North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature – Abstract and Slide.


   Samuel Kodama – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Stephen Cox and Sidney Hemming

• Evidence for Major Miocene/Pliocene Glacial Incision in the Erosional History of Wilkes Subglacial Basin – Abstract and Slide.


   Jessica Kreinik - Skidmore College

Mentor(s) - Helga Gomes and Joaquim Goes

• Future Concentrations of CO2 and O2 Threaten the Association of Host Noctiluca Scintillans and its Endosymbionts  –  Abstract and Slide


   Charlotte Kwong - Columbia University

  Mentor(s) – Roisin Commane and Arlene Fiore

• Reproducing Instrumental Ozone Flux Measurements in the Harvard Forest Using a Trace Gas Method  – Abstract and Slide.


   Anna Ledeczi – Columbia College

Mentor(s) -  Bill Menke

• Seismic Evidence Supporting the Oceanic Plateau Origin of Northeastern Wyoming Lithosphere – Abstract and Slide.


   Kelcey Logan – Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Yael Kiro and Mike Kaplan

• Timing of Late Climatic Events in Subtropical South America, Determined by U-series Dating of Evaporites  – Abstract and Slide.


   Stefanie Moncayo – Dominican College of Blauvelt

Mentor(s) - James Ross and Steve Chillrud

• Distinguishing Between Temperature and Humidity Data Artifacts on MicroAeth Black Carbon Monitors and Generating Data Correction Algorithms – Abstract and Slide.


   Bailey Nordin – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Stephen Cox and Sidney Hemming

• How Have Glaciers Shaped Antartica’s Bedrock? Apatite(U-Th)/He Evidence for Erosion and Exhumation Along the Shackleton Glacier in the Transantarctic Mountains– Abstract and Slide.


   Mollie Passacantando – Rutgers University

Mentor(s) - Sophie Hines and Sidney Hemming

• Deep Water Dynamics in the Cape Basin During the Mid Pleistocene Transition – Abstract and Slide.


   James PodwikaJames T. Podwika – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Dallas Abbott, Karin Block and Benjamin Bostick

• Using Elemental Concentrations as Stratigraphic Markers in the Hudson River – Abstract and Slide.


   Laurel Quinones – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Arlene Fiore

• Evaluating Modeled Haze with Measurements in US National Parks – Abstract and Slide.


   Emmerline Ragoonath- De Mattos - Kingsborough Community College

Mentor(s) - Helga Gomes and Joachim Goes

• Assessment of Synthetic Microfibers from Clothing in the Aquatic Environment and Implications for Zooplankton – Abstract and Slide.


   Abderahim Salhi – Hudson County Community College

Mentor(s) - Qiang Yang, James Ross and Steve Chillrud

• Quantifying Exposure to Biomass Combustion Sources in the Presence of Environmental Black Carbon via Dualspot Corrections of Microaeth Data in Chamber Experiments – Abstract and Slide.


   Serena Scholz – University of Michigan

Mentor(s) - Richard Seager, Mingfang Ting and Yochanan Kushnir

• Centennial Timescale Variability in Euro-Mediterranean Hydroclimate Since the Little Ice Age – Abstract and Slide.


   Shannon Springstead – The College of New Jersey

Mentor(s) - Chris Zappa

• The Effects of Ice Formation on Gas Transfer in Fresh and Salt Water Environments as Seen Through an Infrared Lens – Abstract and Slide.


   Emily Symonds - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Qiang Yang and Steve Chillrud

• Short Term Exposures to Air Pollution: Does Rest of Day Exposure Matter in Changing Short Term Cardiovascular Indicators in Bike Commuters? – Abstract and Slide.


   Desirae Thorne – Wellesley College

Mentor(s) - Dallas Abbott, Reinhard Kozdon and Benjamin Bostick

• Using Elemental Concentrations to Isolate Layers Likely Bearing Pelagic Foraminifera in a Hudson River Sediment Core – Abstract and Slide.


   Connor Watkins – Indiana Univesity-Perdue University Indiana

Mentor(s) - Sidney Hemming, Trevor Williams, Mo Raymo and Stephen Cox

• Tracing the Origin of an Iceberg Alley Dropstone and its Implications about Antarctica's Glacial History – Abstract and Slide.


   Helen Weierbach – Tulane University

Mentor(s) - Allegra LeGrande and Kostas Tsigaridis

• The Effect of Background ENSO and NAO Conditions on the Climatological Response to a Pinatubo Sized Volcanic Eruption – Abstract and Slide.


   Xin Wu – Southern University of Science and Technology

Mentor(s) - Qiang Yang and Steve Chillrud

• Assessing Street Level Ultrafine Particle Exposure in New York City – Abstract and Slide.


   Wenke Zeng - Southern University of Science and Technology

Mentor(s) - Qiang Yang and Steve Chillrud

• Water Chemistry Influence on Arsenic Removal in New Jersey and Maine Private Wells – Abstract and Slide.


   Jiahua Zhao - Southern University of Science and Technology

Mentor(s) - Donna Shillington

• New Constraints on Along-Strike Variations in Synrift Magmatism in the Rifted Margin Offshore North Carolina and Virginia from 2D Inversion Results – Abstract and Slide.