LDEO Interns 2020

2020 LDEO Summer Interns


   Justin Baez- Arizona State University

Mentor(s) - Paul Olsen, Sean Kinney, Clara Chang

• Did the Manicouagan Impact Cause a Biotic Turnover 215.5 Million Years Ago? Constraints From Airfall and Detrital Zircon U-Pb LA-ICP-MS Geochronology  – Abstract and Slide.


   Sophia E. BenJeddi– Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Dorothy Peteet

•  How are Anthropogenic Influences and Climate Change Expressed by Fossil Flora and Fauna in the Last 3,000 Years at High Point Cedar Bog, NJ?  – Abstract and Slide.


   Levi Borevitz – Kingsborough Community College

Mentor(s) - Bill Menke

• Estimating Amplitude, Delay, Attenuation and its Frequency Dependence of Seismic Waves Simultaneously with Applications to Alaska  –  Abstract and Slide.


    Caroline Cassese – Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Logan Brenner

• Establishing a Coral Ba/Ca Time-series Network to Study Regional River Discharge in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panamá  – Abstract and Slide.


    Elaine Chen – Columbia University

Mentor(s) -  Paul Olsen

• A New Look at The Lujiatun: Dinosaur Attrition in Burrows, Not a Cretaceous Pompeii and Not a Shoreline to The Jianshangou Lake  – Abstract and Slide.


    Anindita Das - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Ajit Subramaniam

•Are Cyanobacterial Blooms Common in the Arctic Coastal Waters of Alaska?  – Abstract and Slide.


   Clarene Davis – Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

Mentor(s) - Clara Chang, Benjamin Bostick, Paul Olsen

• Does Arsenic and Uranium in the Bedrock Affect Water Quality on the Navajo Nation?– Abstract and Slide.


   Xavier Espinosa – Inter-American University of Puerto Rico

Mentor(s) - Reinhard Kozdon

• Correlation Between Mass, Size, and Preservation of Fossil Cibicidoides Shells from the Atlantic and Pacific – Abstract and Slide.


    Savannah Ferretti - Cornell University

Mentor(s) - Roisin Commane and Arlene Fiore

• Assessing the Meteorological Impact on Methane (CH4) Emission Changes in New York City During the Covid-19 Shutdown –Abstract and Slide.


   Kyle Haines – Northern Arizona University

Mentor(s) - Sean Kinney

•Zircon U-Pb Constraints on Volcanic-Plutonic Connections and Conundrums in the White Mountain Batholith – Abstract and Slide.


   Sarah Hancock – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Arlene Fiore and Dan Westervelt

• Changing PM2.5 and Related Meteorology Over India From 1950-2014: A New Perspective From a Chemistry-Climate Model Ensemble – Abstract and Slide.


   Cole Hazan – Queen’s University

Mentor(s) - Rachel Lupien, Kevin Uno

• Time Series Analyses of Northeast African Hydroclimate Variability – Abstract and Slide.


   Elena Kosh – Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Indrani Das

• Basal Conditions Underneath Thwaites Glacier Using Ice Penetrating Radar –  Abstract and Slide


   Alissa Lampert – Barnard College

Mentor(s) – Paul Olsen, Sean Kinney

• Zircon LA-ICP-MS Ages Constrain Possible Jurassic True Polar Wander Event, Jungar Basin, Xinjiang, NW China  – Abstract and Slide.


   Jialin Li – Binghamton University

Mentor(s) -  Walter Mooney

• Coulomb Stress Models for the M.5 May 15, 2020 Monte Cristo Range, Nevada Earthquake – Abstract and Slide.


   Blaine Lynch-Gadaleta – University of Rhode Island

Mentor(s) - Jerry McManus

• Reconstructing Climate Variability During the Last Ice Age Cycle in the Northeast Pacific Region  – Abstract and Slide.


   Ava McIlvaine – Scripps College

Mentor(s) - Jerry McManus

• Did Iceberg-Discharge Events Influence the Climate and Circulation of the Central North Atlantic Ocean during the Last Glaciation? – Abstract and Slide.


   Emma Michelini – SUNY Westchester Community College

Mentor(s) – Dallas Abbott

• What Type of Event Deposited Magnetic Spherules and Spherule Aggregates in Holocene Sediments of the Gulf of Carpentaria? – Abstract and Slide.


   Samuel Ofori – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Mentor(s) – William Menke

• Lithospheric and Asthenospheric Structure Beneath Alaska Using Travel Time Anomalies from Teleseismic P and S Waves  – Abstract and Slide.


   James PodwikaDevon Park – Columbia University

Mentor(s) -  Benjamin Bostick and Craig Connolly

• Linking Suspended Sediment in Floodwaters to Groundwater Redox Status and Arsenic Levels Along the Lower Mekong River of Cambodia – Abstract and Slide.


   Gavin Perri – SUNY Ulster Community College

Mentor(s) - Dallas Abbott

• Ellipticity of Tektite-Like, High SiO2 Spherules from the Ross Sea – Abstract and Slide.


   Isaiah Quattlebaum – SUNY Orange Community College

Mentor(s) - David Porter

• Using Tide Gauge and GPS Data to Quantify the Effects of Short and Long-Term Glacial Rebound and Adjustment on the Local Sea Level Budget of Greenland and Northeast Canada – Abstract and Slide.


   Justin Sankey – Lawrence University

Mentor(s) - David Porter

• Using GPS Vertical Land Motion Data to Determine the Effect of GIA and Post Glacial Rebound on the Relative Sea Level Budget in Greenland and SE Alaska – Abstract and Slide.


   Brooke Santos – University of California – Santa Cruz

Mentor(s) - Sidney Hemming, Mike Kaplan, Suzanne O’Connell, and Trevor Williams

•Connecting the Plio-Pleistocene Climate Records of the Pacific and Atlantic Sides of the Antarctic Penninsula by Cycle to Cycle Correlation – Abstract and Slide.


   Naomi Schulberg – Cornell University

Mentor(s) - Ajit Subramaniam

• Did the Covid-19 Lockdown Impact Water Quality in New York Harbor? – Abstract and Slide.


   Oreoluwa Solanke – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Daniel Westervelt

• Utilizing Low-Cost Air Sensors in West Africa to Address Lack of Air Pollution Data – Abstract and Slide.


   Madison Speakman – Rockland Community College

Mentor(s) - Andrew Juhl

• Climate Change and The Hudson River Estuary: Decadal Trends in Precipitation, Discharge, and Water and Air Temperature – Abstract and Slide.


   Mitchell Thomas – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Elizabeth Tellman

• Cloud Free Flood Mapping: Towards a Radar-Based Approach to Flood Detection for Index Insurance Applications in Northern Bangladesh – Abstract and Slide.


   David Tibbits – Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Benjamin Bostick

• How Can Changing the Reduction Potential in a Water Sample Affect Potential Arsenic Contamination and Zinc Deficiency in Rice? – Abstract and Slide.


   Bridget Vasquez – SUNY Orange Community College

Mentor(s) - Benjamin Bostick

• The Impact of Climate Variation on Rice Paddy Flooding and Rice Arsenic in Cambodia – Abstract and Slide.


   Owen Yazzie – Arizona State University

Mentor(s) - Christopher Lepre

• Determining If Iron and Hematite Can be Indicators of Climate Change – Abstract and Slide.


   Petra Zúñiga – Amherst College

Mentor(s) - Jerry McManus

• Icebergs in the Subtropical North Atlantic: The Impact of Freshwater Influx on Climate and Ocean Circulation Early In the Last Glaciation – Abstract and Slide.