LDEO Interns 2014

2014 LDEO Summer Interns

   Tomer Burg - SUNY Albany, Finmeccania

Mentor(s) - Albert Boulanger, Roger Anderson

    Impact of Localized Weather Forecasts on Building Electricity Usage Predictions – Abstract   and  Slide


   Aaron Campeas - Pennsylvania State University, NASA

Mentor(s) - Allegra LeGrande, Kostas Tsigaridis

Effect of a volcanic eruption plume height on aerosol formation and distribution based on aerosol microphysics calculations –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Eun Sik Cho - Columbia College, Earth Intern

Mentor(s) - Steve Chillrud, Darby Jack, Patrick Kinney

Testing Potential Inhaled Dose as a New Exposure Metric – Step 1: Comparing Different Methods of Measuring Minute Ventilation –  Abstract  and  Slide



   Ryan Creedon - Pennsylvania State University, NOAA NA10OAR4310137

Mentor(s) - Jason Smerdon, Richard Seager, Park Williams, Benjamin Cook

Interpretations of 20th Century Patterns in Tree-Ring Reconstruction of European Hydroclimate - Abstract  and   Slide


  Robert Domeyko - Northern Virginia Community College, International Ocean         
  Discovery Program

Mentor(s) - Peter deMenocal, Kat Allen

Influence of Past Changes in Atmospheric CO2 on Boron/Calcium of Planktic Fossil Foraminifera – Abstract  and   Slide


   Casey Dorn - Pennsylvania State University, Finmeccanica

Mentor(s) - Roger N. Anderson, Albert Boulanger, Leon Wu

Meteorological Teleconnections May Influence the Predictability of Electrical Feeder-Failure Models – Abstract  and  Slide


   Meredith Fish - Pennsylvania State University, NSF AGS1243204

Mentor(s) - Benjamin Cook, Jason Smerdon, Richard Seager, Park Williams

Characterizing Climate Controls on Vegetation in the North American Southwest –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Laura Fitch - Barnard College, Earth Intern

Mentor(s) - Jonathan Hickman, Cheryl Palm, Willy Diu, Gerson Nyadi, Bocary Kaya, Serigne Kandji, Abhraham Kebede

Quantifying Seasonal NOx flux in the Sahel –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Stephanie Goldstein - Barnard College, Earth Intern

Mentor(s) - Park Williams, Richard Seager, Jason Smerdon, Ben Cook

The Mountain Pine Beetle, Warming, and the Threatened American Forest –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Ana Gonzalez - Columbia College, Earth Intern 

Mentor(s) - Laia Andreu-Hayles, Neil Pederson

Using Multiple Proxies to Explore the Tree Ring Divergence Problem at the Firth River in Alaska  – Abstract  and  Slide


   Austin Hart - St. Lawrence University, NSF OCE-EAR REU Sites Program

Mentor(s) - William D'Andrea, Nicolas Balascio

A 2700-yr alkenone-based temperature record from Amsterdamøya, Svalbard –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Laura Laderman - Swarthmore College, NSF OCE-EAR REU Sites Program

Mentor(s) - Colin Stark, Timothy Creyts

3D Mapping of Glacially Eroded Bedrock –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Tianjia Liu - Columbia College, Earth Intern

Mentor(s) - Jonathan Nichols, Dorothy Peteet

Leaf Wax n-Alkane Distributions and Stable Isotope Ratios, Paleovegetation, and Dust Flux to Reconstruct North Pacific Climate During the Late Holocene –  Abstract  and   Slide


  Michele Markowitz - City College of San Francisco, NSF OCE-EAR REU Sites  

Mentor(s) - Diana Hseuh, Wade McGillis

Carbon Speciation and Anthropogenic Influences in Haitian Rivers and Inland Waters –  Abstract and  Slide


  Abigail Martens - Illinois State University, NSF OCE-EAR REU Sites Program

Mentor(s) - Vic DiVenere, Sidney Hemming

Tracking Calderas of the Yellowstone-Snake River Plain Volcanics: Paleomagnetic and 40Ar/39Ar Dating Results From the Picabo Volcanic Field –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Trevor Neitz - University of Maine at Farmington, NSF EAR-47742

Mentor(s) - Bill Menke, Vadim Levin

Evidence of the Appalachian Front in the Lithospheric Mantle –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Daniel Nothaft - Columbia College, Earth Intern

 Mentor(s) - Tobias Koffman, Joerg Schaefer, Nicolás Young

 The Svalbard Barents Sea Ice Sheet deglaciation and its contribution to meltwater pulse 1a –  Abstract and  Slide


   Julia Paine - University of Miami, United Nations Environment Program

Mentor(s) - Wade McGillis, Diana Hseuh

Carbon Transport in Small Mountainous Rivers in Southwest Haiti –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Jennifer Pensky - Barnard College, Earth Intern

Mentor(s) - Pratigya Polissar, Kevin Uno, Samuel Phelps

Did Hydrological Change Drive the Expansion of C4 Grasslands in India during the Late Miocene? – Abstract  and  Slide


   Melissa Seto - Columbia College, NASA AQAST Grant # NNX12AF15G

Mentor(s) - Arlene Fiori, Lee Murray, Lukas Valin, Olivia Clifton, Jean Guo

High ground-level ozone event in Eastern U.S. during June 2007: meteorology and source attribution – Abstract  and  Slide


   William Skorski - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NSF OCE-EAR REU Sites   Program

Mentor(s) - Dallas Abbott, Cristina Recasens

Diatoms as Proxies for Abrupt Events in the Hudson River Estuary –  Abstract  and  Slide


   Olivia Woldemikael - Columbia College, Earth Intern

Mentor(s) - Cheryl Palm, Clare Sullivan, Kevin Tschirhart

The Complex Drivers of Yield Variability for Maize in East Africa –  Abstract  and  Slide