LDEO Interns 2018

2017 LDEO Summer Interns


   Zoe Berg - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Kali McKee, Helga do Rosario Gomes, and Joaquim Goes

• Response of the Bloom-Forming Noctiluca Scintillans to Rising Atmospheric  CO2 – Abstract and Slide.


   Rachel K. Buzeta - University of Dayton

Mentor(s) - Pratigya J. Polissar, Kevin T. Uno, Samuel R. Phelps, and Peter B. de Menocal

• Step-Wise Cooling in the High North Atlantic Over the Past 17-Million Years – Abstract and Slide


   Eliza Carter - Wesleyan University

Mentor(s) - S. Hemming, M. Cai, M. Kaplan, T. Liu, and J. Liang

• Timescale and Provenance of Pleistocene Sediment from ODP Leg 113 Site 693 –  Abstract and Slide.


   Elizabeth Stuart Faith - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - K. Costa, and J. McManus

• How Do Foraminiferal Assemblages and 14C Ages Inform Our Understanding of  Bioturbation on the Juan de Fuca Ridge? – Abstract and Slide.


   Helena Garcia - University of Delaware

Mentor(s) - D. Goldberg, and A. Slagle

• From CO2 to Stone: A Feasibility Study of Deep-Sea Geologic Carbon Storage in the Juan de Fuca Plate – Abstract and Slide.


   James Gibson - Vassar College

Mentor(s) - Kali McKee, Helga do Rosario Gomes, and Joaquim Goes

• Are Low Salinity Waters the Remedy to Noctiluca Scintillans Blooms in the Arabian Sea? – Abstract and Slide.


   Dionne Hutson - City College of New York

Mentor(s) - Dallas Abbott, and K.A. Block

• To What Extent Are Catastrophic and Environmental Events Useful Stratigraphic Markers for Dating the Hudson River: The Impact of Manganese Cycling, Zebra Mussels, and the Peekskill Meteorite? – Abstract and Slide.


   Claire Johnston - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Tim Kenna

• Grain Size, Backscatter and Metal Concentration in Eastern Long Island Sound – Abstract and Slide.


   Anna Kaplan - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Sandra Baptista, and Dara Mendeloff

• Exploring Changing Infant Mortality Rates in Northeast Brazil from 2000 to 2014 –Abstract and Slide.


   Sufyan Khalid - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Sidney Hemming, Anne Haws, Merry Yue Cai, Margit Simon, Daniel Babin, Steven Goldstein, and Allison Franzese

• Investigation Into Methods Used to Analyze Sediment Provenance from Southeastern Africa – Abstract and Slide.


   Madeleine Killough - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Brian Mailloux

• Identifying Carbon Fuel Sources Through RNA Extractions of Microbial Communities in Vietnam Groundwater – Abstract and Slide.


   Juliette Lamoureux - City College of New York

Mentor(s) - William Menke

• Low  Seismic Attenuation in Southern New England Lithosphere Implies Little Heating by the Upwelling Asthenosphere – Abstract and Slide.


   Shelly Lim - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - M. Pitiranggon, Y. Li, K. McKee, B. Yan, and J. I. Goes

• Distribution of Micro-Plastics in the Estuarine Waters Around in New York Metropolitan Area and Assessment of Their Role as Potential Vectors of Toxic Compounds  –  Abstract and Slide


   Clara Ma - Yale University

Daniel M. Westervelt, Arlene M. Fiore, Harald E. Rieder, Patrick L. Kinney, Shuxiao Wang, and Gustavo Correa

• Impact of Future Emissions and Climate Chane on Surface Ozone Over China – Abstract and Slide.


   Alyssa M. Marrero - CUNY Kingsborough Community College

Mentor(s) -  Dallas Abbott, and William Menke

• Assessing Whether Northeastern Earthquakes and Warm Springs Are Produced By the Northern Appalachian Anomaly – Abstract and Slide.


   Leah Marshall - College of William & Mary

Mentor(s) - Caroline Leland, Laia Andreu-Hayles, Rose Oelkers, Dallas Abbott, and Robert Juhl

• Climate Sensitivity of Tree-Ring Width and Blue Intensity of Larix Sibirica and Pinus Sylvestris in Mongolia – Abstract and Slide.


   Arianna Medina - Dominican College

Mentor(s) - Elise M. Myers, and Andrew R. Juhl

• Comparison of Particle Association of Different Bacteria in Hudson River Estuary – Abstract and Slide.


   Robert Moon - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - E. Lev

• Using Stereo-photogrammetry to Understand the Topography, Composition, and Evolution of Lava Flows From Effusive Eruption of Quizapu Volcano – Abstract and Slide.


   Bevan Pearson - University of Pennsylvania

Mentor(s) - Allison M. Franzese, Sidney R. Hemming

• Using Provenance of Terrigenous Sediment to Reconstruct the Agulhas Leakage During the Early and Late Pleistocene – Abstract and Slide.


   Eleanor Pressman - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Olivia Clifton, and Arlene Fiore

• Characterizing Ozone Dry Deposition Variability and Its Role In Eastern U.S. Ozone Pollution – Abstract and Slide.


   Ailín D.C. Valdivia-McCarthy - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Tammo Reichgelt, William J. D'Andrea, and Bethany R.S. Fox

• Suborbital-Scale CO Reconstructions From the Earliest Miocene Based On Fossil Leaves – Abstract and Slide.


   Margaret Zimmer - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - D. Powars, S. L. Goldstein, D. V. Kent, and W. Broecker

• Chemistry of the Marlboro Clay in Virginia and Implications for the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum – Abstract and Slide.