LDEO Interns 2018

2018 LDEO Summer Interns


   Zoe S. Aarons - Bowdoin College

Mentor(s) - Suzana J. Camargo

• Tropical Cyclones in the NASA GEOS-5 Model and MERRA-2 Reanalysis  – Abstract and Slide.


   Kimberly Acevedo - Dominican College of Blauvelt

Mentor(s) - Robert Poirier, Reinhard Kozdon and Maureen Raymo

• What Determines the Quality of Benthic Foraminifera at Site 1089 in the Deep South Atlantic Ocean?  – Abstract and Slide.


   Alyson N. Churchill - Colby College

Mentor(s) - Jerry McManus

• Evidence for Heinrich Events and Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Central North Atlantic  –  Abstract and Slide.


   Tyler A. Clemens - University of Idaho

Mentor(s) - Billy D'Andrea

• Past Environmental Change on Rapa Nui: Elemental Abundances and Leaf Waxes from Two New Lake Sediment Cores  – Abstract and Slide.


   Bridget Craig - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Yael Kiro and Steve Goldstein

• Isotopic Analysis of Dead Sea Sediment from the Last Glacial  – Abstract and Slide.


   Bronte Dalton - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Arlene Fiore, Martin Stute and Róisín Commane

• Quantifying the NYC Carbon Budget: Using a Particle Dispersion Model to Calculate Atmospheric Enhancement  – Abstract and Slide.


   Mamadou Diallo - Brooklyn College

Mentor(s) - Karin Block and Dallas Abbott

• Can We See Dust from the 1992 Fall of the Peekskill Meteorite in Hudson River Sediments and Can We Use It as a Stratigraphic Marker? – Abstract and Slide.


   Darian F. Fernandez - Dominican College of Blauvelt

Mentor(s) - Beizhan Yan, Andy Juhl and Pam Factor-Litvak

• Impact of Nuisance Flooding on Contaminant Distribution in Coastal Floodplains – Abstract and Slide.


   Natalia M. Figueredo - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Elise Myers and Andy Juhl

• The Impact of Particle Association on Temperature-Dependent Growth and Light-Induced Mortality of Vibrio sp. in the Hudson River Estuary –Abstract and Slide.


   Madison Q. Gaetano - The College of William and Mary

Mentor(s) - Robert Poirier, Reinhard Kozdon and Maureen Raymo

• Shifts in Benthic Foraminiferal Preservation Correspond with Ocean Circulation Changes During the Last Deglacial Transition – Abstract and Slide.


   Solana Y. Huang - Brown University

Mentor(s) - Vicki Ferrini

• Morphologic changes in hydrothermal vent sites in the Lau Basin and their implications for the resiliency of vent fields in Back-Arc Basins – Abstract and Slide.


   Ingrid Izaguirre - University of Miami

Mentor(s) - Laura Haynes and Bärbel Hönisch

• Changes in Deep Pacific Carbon Storage Over the MPT? B/Ca Derived Deep Pacific ∆CO32- Pre & Post Mid-Pleistocene Transition – Abstract and Slide.


   Juan D. Jaramillo - Queensborough Community College

Mentor(s) - Steve Chillrud and James Ross

• Developing a Modular Array of Environmental Sensors for Epidemiological Investigations of Pediatric Asthma –  Abstract and Slide


   Zoe R. Krauss - Colorado College

  Mentor(s) - Bill Menke

• The Northern Gulf Anomaly (NGA): Characterizing a Continental-edge Asthenospheric Upwelling Using Seismic Velocity Perturbations  – Abstract and Slide.


   Jingyu Liu - Southern University of Science and Technology

Mentor(s) -  Joachim Goes and Beizhan Yan

• Microplastic Contamination History in New York City – Abstract and Slide.


   Brigid Lynch - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Qiang Yang and Steve Chillrud

• Comparing Particulate Pollutant Concentrations Inhaled by Bicyclists in NYC – Abstract and Slide.


   Bridget M. McCann - Kingsborough Community College

Mentor(s) - Dallas Abbott and Ben Bostick

• Regional and Local Stratigraphic Markers in Three Hudson River Cores Taken Near Peekskill, New York: LWB4-3 – Abstract and Slide.


   Tiara N. Ogus - SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Mentor(s) - Jonathan Nichols

• Analysis of Sterol Diagenesis Stages in a Peat Core from Kamchatka, Russia – Abstract and Slide.


   Sarah Ortiz - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Beizhan Yan and Joachmi Goes

• The Effect of Microplastic Type on Pharmaceutical Sorption in the Waterways of New York City – Abstract and Slide.


   Celeste T. Pallone - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Tim Kenna and Frank Nitsche

• Surface Sediment Texture in the Eastern Long Island Sound – Abstract and Slide.


   Annemarie Pillsbury - Dutchess Community College

Mentor(s) - Jerry McManus

• Evidence of Ice Rafted Debris Suggests Icebergs Reached as far as the Subtropical North Atlantic Ocean During the Last Deglaciation – Abstract and Slide.


   Michael D. Pirrie - Housatonic Community College

Mentor(s) - Bill Menke

• Evidence of Partial Melt in the Northern Appalachian Anomaly – Abstract and Slide.


   Connor E. Sauceda - The University of Chicago

Mentor(s) - Joachmi Goes and Helga Gomes

• Positive Effects of Hypoxia and Increasing Atmospheric CO2 on Bloom-Forming Noctiluca scintillans – Abstract and Slide.


   Katharine G. N. Scanlan - Barnard College

Mentor(s) - Brian Mallioux

• Identifying the Source of Carbon Fueling Arsenic Contamination of the Pleistocene Aquifer in Bangladesh – Abstract and Slide.


   Sarah C. Shi - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Kevin Uno

• What Plant is That? Chemotaxonomy from n-alkane Molecular Distributions of East African Plants with Implications for Paleoecology – Abstract and Slide.


   Sara Sobolewska - Kingsborough Community College

Mentor(s) - Julie Oppenheimer and Amanda Lindoo

• How Can Analog Experiments Help Understand Core Segregation in Small Planetary Bodies? – Abstract and Slide.


   Jasmine K. Vera - Orange County Community College

Mentor(s) - Qiang Yang and Steve Chillrud

• Air Pollution: Optimizing Personal Air Monitors – Abstract and Slide.


   Katherine A. Wegleitner - Columbia University

Mentor(s) - Einat Lev

• Investigating the Effect of Viscosity and Pulsating Effusion Rates on Lava Dome Morphology Through Physical Models – Abstract and Slide.