Influence of rain on air-sea gas exchange in the Biosphere 2 ocean


  • David Ho (LDEO)
  • Chris Zappa (LDEO)
  • John Dacey (WHOI)
  • Wade McGillis (LDEO)
  • Barry Ma (UW/APL)
  • Larry Bliven (NASA)
  • Melissa Hendricks
  • Kari Mull (Yale)



  • Gas transfer velocity (SF6 evasion & active control flux technique (CFT))
  • Rain rate and drop size distribution (Rain Imaging System (RIS), underwater acoustic rain gauge (ARG), Joss-Waldvogel disdrometer)
  • High-resolution temperature and salinity gradients (Profiling CTD)
  • Surface wave fields (laser altimeter)
  • Turbulent kinetic energy dissipation (MAV, Dopbeam)



Ho, D.T., C.J. Zappa, W.R. McGillis, B.-B. Ma, J. Nystuen, L.F. Bliven, J.W.H. Dacey, M.B. Hendricks, and P. Schlosser, Rain and air-sea gas exchange, Eos Trans. AGU, 84 (52), Ocean Sci. Meet. Suppl., Abstract OS42I-01, 2003.