Noble Gas Lab

We currently operate a semi-automated noble gas mass-spectrometer for groundwater samples and rock samples either utilizing a furnace and several crushers. A second mass-spectrometer, that is going to be used for low level noble-gas analysis of rock and speleothem samples, is curently under development.


MAP Multi-Purpose MS

We operate a multi-purpose noble gas mass-spectrometer (MAP 215-50) for measurement of He, Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe isotopes (precision: about ±1 to 2 percent for noble gas abundances). It is equipped with an ESA (Electrostatical Analyzer) for suppression of the background on mass 3.016 ( 3 He). The instrument has two sample preparation lines, one for vacuum extraction of water samples, and another for crushing or melting (furnace) rock and sediment samples. The individual measurements are performed in a semi-automated mode.


HelixMC Multi-Purpose MS

A second noble gas mass-spectrometer is currently under development. The heart of the new system will be a Helix-MC-Plus mass-spectrometer built by Thermo Scientific. The sample preparation line will be equiped with a high temperature furnace and 6 crushers in order to analyze rock and speleothem samples with very low levels of noble gas concentrations.