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Education Posters


Polar weekend posters are displayed above the lecture or activity and explain what the scientist has been researching. They look something like this...

Professor David Holland's from New York University poster demonstrating the effects of Antarctic and Greenland's melting ice sheets on sea level.


Mike Passow came and provided the history of the history of the Kyack and offered an opprotunity for students to try one out themselves.

Polar Weekend 2008

One of the most popular exhibits at last year's Polar Weekend was David Braaten's demonstration of Glacier movement. Professor Braaten, who teaches at the University of Kansas, showed movement with "glacier goo," a favorite.

For a full PDF summary of Dr. Braaten's demonstration click here.

other posters include...


Johan Anders Baer, Terje Tretnes, Per Tor Turi and Halvdan Nedrejord presented this colorful poster to tach students about the Sami, or the largest indegenious group in Europe. The Sami occupy the northern part of several Scandanavian countries, making them a facsinating part of our study of the poles.

For a full PDF summary of the Sami Presenation click here.

Dr. Pal Brekke of the Norwegian Space Center in Oslo, Norway explians the phenominon of Northern lights in this poster.

For a full PDF summary of Dr. Brekke's presentation click here.

A Hudson Valley Girl Scout Troop all contributed to a Polar Art and Creative Writing project to create this poster.

For a full presentation of the drawings overseen by troop 40603 click here.

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