R/V Endeavor cruise 473

Departed Port Everglades, FL on Feb 24, 2010

Arrived to Haiti on Feb 27, 2010 after 3 days of transit

Fouteen days of fieldwork

Departed Haiti March 12, 2010

Arrived Port Everglades, FL on March 15, 2010


Maps of the overall ship track and a closeup of the field area around Haiti



The Endeavor brought relief supplies from Plan USA - 40 large tents designed to be used as classrooms.


We delivered a zodiac and equipment to Paul Mann and others working onshore.



We worked from the Endeavor and off a small inflatable zodiac to get closer to shore.  The Tapion Ridge with numerous landslide scars from the earthquake is in the background of both photos.



On the Endeavor, working in the dry lab, wet lab, or waiting on deck for cores.


Farewell to Haiti.