2019 Meeting of the Curators of Marine, Lacustrine, and Geological Samples

The 2019 Meeting of the Curators of Marine, Lacustrine, and Geologic Samples 

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, June 5-7, 2019 




Please let us know what days you will be attending the meeting:

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Accommodations will be at the HNA Palisades, 1.5 miles north of LDEO. Please use the code “0604LAM” when making your reservations; the room rate is $120/night plus tax and we have set aside a block of rooms for June 4 thru Jun 7 (check-out). The hotel does have a free shuttle bus to LDEO.

HNA Palisades website



Here is a list of additional hotels that have agreements with LDEO and many of them have free shuttles to campus. If you need to use one of these hotels, make sure to mention Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory so you receive the discounted rate.

Additional Hotels links

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(Thanks Mallory for the details!)

Below are detailed ways of getting to campus from the various local airports. IF YOU WILL HAVE A CAR, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. We have a guard booth and will need to get you on the visitors list.

From LaGuardia to Columbia’s main campus (Morningside) is fairly simple during normal business hours. From main campus, you can take the Columbia-shuttle up to Lamont and then another shuttle to the hotel nearby. After the shuttle hours (service ends at 6pm from main campus), things get a little more complicated, see below.

From LGA, you can take the M60-SBS bus (leaves from Terminal C) to the bus stop on 120th St/Amsterdam Av on main campus (Columbia University). You can buy a ticket right at the bus stop—I think you’ll need $2.25 in quarters if you don’t have a metrocard? The bus runs every 15 minutes or so, and the ride will take between 45 min and an hour, depending on traffic. You’ll get off the bus at almost exactly at the same place where the Morningside-Lamont shuttle picks up from (120-Amsterdam). I linked the Columbia-shuttle page below, but the biggest hurdle will be the timing: Lamont’s shuttle only runs once every hour between 8am and 6pm on weekdays.

If you can’t get to main campus before 6pm, you’ll need to go to the Port Authority bus terminal and take the Rockland coach bus (Routes 9, 9A, 9T, or 9AT) to Palisades. You can pay the fare with card at the counter before 8 or so, but after 8ish, you’ll need to pay in cash as you board the bus. One-way fare is about $10. The busses run virtually all night, but are sometimes up to 45 minutes late! Lamont has a bus stop directly in front of it, so just follow along on your phone and request a stop when you’re a minute or so away from Lamont. From Lamont, you can call the HNA Palisades (your hotel), and they’ll come pick you up. They’ve promised to have shuttles available at least until 11pm, their number is (845) 732-6000. If arriving after 11pm, rideshare services (Uber/Lyft) are probably your best option. 

From JFK to main campus (arrive before 6p): take the AirTrain to Jamaica Station. It’s a $5 fare, and I believe that you have to pay with metrocard? There are machines next to the station, at any rate. From Jamaica Station, take the Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station—there are kiosks to pay in the station itself. From 34 St-Penn Station, take the 1 line on the subway up to 116th-Columbia University station. I’m fairly confident you need a metrocard for the subway—I don’t think they sell one way/round trip tickets singly? It’s an easy walk from the subway to the Lamont shuttle stop in front of Teachers College.

From JFK to Port Authority (arriving after 6p): use the same route that I described above to get to Penn Station. From there, go to the subway and take the A-train towards Inwood. You’ll hop off at the next stop, 42 St-Port Authority, and buy a bus ticket to Palisades,NY. Once you’re on your way, call the hotel with an eta for a shuttle.


From Newark, I think your best option would be to take an Uber or Lyft. There are public transportation options between Manhattan and Newark, but from my own experience, they’re complicated, time consuming, and nearly as expensive as rideshare. Save yourself the headache! 


We can talk about your return trip during the meeting, but it’s important to note that—if you’re planning on taking the shuttle back to Manhattan--the last bus to main campus is at 6pm on Friday, and there’s only a single bus back at 5pm on Saturday. There’s always the Metro North train as well, but you’d have to Uber/Lyft to Tarrytown, across the river, to be able to catch it down to Manhattan. Best of luck, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 


Lamont-Morningside shuttle info

Rockand Coaches info  (page is slow to load)


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AGENDA [Preliminary]

A note about food: Lunch and a light breakfast will be provided Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, there will be a light breakfast and lunch is TBD for the field trip… IF YOU HAVE DIETARY RESTRICTIONS, LET ME KNOW!

A note about transport: We will have campus vans to carpool to the Field Station (and dinner afterwards) and for Friday’s field trip. Again, if you will have a car please let me know!


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

9:00-12:00 – Welcome and repository updates


1:00-2:00 – Tour of the Lamont-Doherty Core Repository

2:00-3:00 - Best Practices discussions (archiving, core describing)

3:00 – Travel to the LDEO Field Station on the Piermont Pier (weather permitting; rain date 6/6)   

6:00 – Group dinner at Maureen Raymo’s home (there will be time to go back to the hotel before dinner)


Thursday, June 6, 2019

9:00-10:30 – Repository updates

10:30-12:00 – Best Practices discussions (core scanners – XRF and MST)


1:00-4:00 – Cyberinfrastructure updates/discussions; Kelly Stroker, Kristina Brady Shannon, Kerstin Lehnert

4:00 – Meeting wrap-up


Friday, June 7, 2019

9:00 – Meet at LDEO for light breakfast and board the vans.

9:45-? – Tour of “local” geology with graduate student Sean Kinney: a few stops along the Palisades Sill (the last with a beautiful view of NYC), Historic Paterson Falls for a boxed lunch, and ending with a tour of Sterling Mine.





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