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Lamont Weekly Report – April 20, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



On Wednesday, May 2, the Observatory will host a Memorial Symposium
in honor of Gary C. Comer. The event will feature science talks by
Richard Alley, Penn State University, George Denton, Univ. of Maine,
and Wally Broecker, Columbia University. Personal remembrances will
also be shared by David Battisti of the University of Washington. Mr.
Comer's children, Guy Comer and Stephanie Comer, will also be in attendance.
The Symposium will be held on May 2 in the Monell Auditorium from 3pm
to 5pm with a reception following.

The gift that Gary gave us allowed the new Geochemistry building to
become a reality - it will transform our Campus and will mark the
beginning of a decade of renewal and development here. It is a long
time since the Observatory has experienced such a fundamental event,
and it is only right that we remember the greatness of Gary through
accounts of the science that he enabled from such giants as Wally,
Richard Alley and George Denton.

A big thank you and kudos to everyone at Lamont for participating in
the nationwide Recyclemania competition for universities. Lamont
took first place in both the Per Capita Classic competition (for
collecting over 100 pounds of recyclables per person over the ten
week contest) and the Paper recycling competition. In addition,
Lamont placed third in the Grand Champion competition, having
achieved a phenomenal 56% recycling rate over this period. The
43,000 pounds of material we recycled during the contest is estimated
as a reduction of 23 metric tons of carbon equivalent (MTCE) over
sending that material to a landfill, which equates to eliminating the
impact of the consumption of 9,600 gallons of gasoline. Nationally,
Lamont is now regarded as a leader in the university recycling
movement, and that is something we can be truly proud of. Our trophy
will be here shortly, which should create a perfect excuse for a party!

Thanks to Pat O'Reilly, Tom Eberhard and their staff as well as to
all the cleaning staff. They did the heavy lifting, especially in the
final weeks of the competition.

For more details on the results check out:

Of course our next challenge will be to come up with ways to minimize
the amount of paper and trash that we generate in the first place. A
number of great ideas have already been suggested and we look forward
to hearing more. Thanks to Mary Reagan and the Campus Life Committee
for making this all happen.

Welcome Paul Betts, our new Machine Shop Supervisor who joined Lamont
last week. Paul has been a Columbia employee for 18 years, working
as an Experimental Machinist at Nevis Labs. Paul is very much
looking forward to collaborating with our scientists, engineers and
technicians to build new and better products. I encourage you to
share your thoughts with Paul and Pat O'Reilly about how the shop
might serve better your needs. Paul can be reached at extension 8437
or by email to

It is the last of our Spring Public Lecture series this Sunday (as
Spring finally arrives) - Meredith Kelly and Meredith Nettles will
be in the spotlight.

Have a great weekend (the sun is shining!!),

- Mike


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