HP60 Plotter setup for Windows 95/98/ME/NT




Install Utility


First you need to download and install a program that allows Windows 95/98/ME/NT to print to a Networked HP printer through the TCP/IP protocol.


Click below to download the utility.


Link to HP Jet Admin for 95/98/ME


Link to HP Jet Admin for NT


Start the extraction by double clicking on the file you downloaded.

By default it will extract to C:\English.


When it finishes extracting click Close.


Now you need to browse to c:\English\disk1 and double click on setup.exe to start the installation.


On the first screen click next. Then accept the agreement. On the next window make sure Network printing is selected and click next. Uncheck Enable HP Print provider, on the following screen. (If you choose to enable this, it will install a TSR program (Terminate and Stay Resident) It uses your system resources and searches the network for HP printers. We advise not to install this feature)


On the next screen, click next, then next again. Now the files will be installed on your computer.









Creating TCP/IP Printer Port


After it is finished copying, click on Finish and OK to reboot your computer.


Once the Computer has finished rebooting click on Start and go to Programs/HP JetAdmin Utilities, and click on Add HP JetDirect Printer.


Make sure Easy Setup is selected and Click Next. Choose TCP/IP Address, down towards the bottom of the window and type in the HP60’s IP Address.


(Note: The “.” Are already there also make sure there are no leading zeros, and click or tab between fields.)


Then Click Next. It should say “Successfully created port: ***. Click ok to proceed.


At this point it asks for a driver. Click Cancel to continue as we only need the port to be created.




PPD file, Postscript drivers and Plotter installation.



Now we need to download the PostScript Definition File (PPD)


(Right click here to download and save the ppd file)


And save it in a folder named HP60 on your C Drive.


Now we need to download the Adobe Postscript Driver. Do this by clicking on the following link, and choosing the language of your choice.




After download finishes double click on the executable to start the installation.


On the first screen, click next, then click accept.


On the following window, make sure “It is directly connected to your computer.” Is selected then click next.


In the Local Port Selection Window, Choose the HP JetDirect Port with the name that was displayed in step 2, then click next.


Now we need to pont the program to the PPD file. Click on browse and find C:\HP60, then click OK.


Make sure DesignJet 5500PS is selected and click next.


On the following window make sure Default printer is set to No, as well as Print Test Page set to No. Then click next, and then click install.


In the Printer Configuration window you have a choice of configuring the printer. You should not have to change anything, the defaults work best. These settings can always be changed later if need be. Select No and click next.


On the next screen click Finish and then close the readme file when you are done reading it.


The HP60 Plotter is now setup on your computer. It is listed with your other printers and accessed the same way.