HP60 Plotter Setup


Windows 2000/XP




You need to create a standard TCP/IP printer port first.


Navigate to your printers, and start the add printer wizard.


In the add printer wizard click next and choose local printer, but make sure Automatically detect and install plug and play printers is unchecked. Then Click Next.







In the select Printer port window choose create new port and choose Standard TCP/IP Port, then click Next.
















In the Add TCP/IP port wizard Click Next. On the next window enter in the HP60 IP address: and Click Next, then click Finish.





















Then it will want you to choose a driver. At this point click on Cancel. We only need the port to be created at this point.








Next you need to save the PPD file by shift clicking here.


(Right click on HP60 PPD File to download and save)


Save this file in a folder named HP60 on your C drive.


Now you need to download and install the adobe postscript drivers.


Click here and download the language of your choice.





***The computer will need to reboot after the installation***


Start the installation by clicking on the executeable “winsteng.exe”


Click next to proceed.


At the printer Conection type window choose directly connected and click next.















In the local port window select the port that is named IP_129.236.20.105 and click Next.





















In the next window choose browse and point to the HP60 folder on your C drive, and click ok.





















Make sure “DesignJet 5500PS” is highlighted and click next.





















Make sure Not Shared is selected and click Next.






















Make sure Use printer as default and print test page are set to No.






















Then click install.




Next it will ask you to configure the printer. You can choose yes but the defaults work best.


After closing the configuration page, click finish and read the readme if you like.


After closing the readmit file it will ask you to reboot the computer or you can choose to reboot at a later time.


After you reboot your computer, you will find the plotter listed in with your other printers.


If you have any problems with setup or printing please contact the Computer Support group by sending a request to: