8. Getting support for Secure Shell

This section gives you a list of references to help you when you run into a problem with Secure Shell.Click here for the contents of this section.

8.1. Who provides support for SSH?

Before going to anyone for support, please read the FAQ (this document :-) and any of the whitepapers that may help you at SSH Communications Security at http://www.ssh.fi/sshprotocols2/.

There are other links listed below including tutorials and publications that may help you.

For the non-commercial releases of SSH (including other implementations for UNIX, Windows, etc.), please use the ssh mailing list for support. No support for the non-commercial release of SSH is provided by SSH Communications Security because of the licensing agreement with Datafellows.

If you are using the non-commercial release of SSH as an evaluation before purchasing, please contact Datafellows directly.

8.1.1. What groups can help me with the "free" versions?

Even though SSH does not provide support for the non-commercial release, you can always ask the nice people on the SSH mailing list for help. :-)

8.1.2. How can I get commercial support for UNIX SSH?

Contact Datafellows directly. They have the exclusive license to the commercial SSH releases.

8.2. If F-Secure sells Secure Shell, what does SSH Communications Security do?

SSH Communications Security develops the SSH technology along with IPSec toolkits. However, up until now, SSH Communications Security was not selling Secure Shell. However, they now do and SSH Communications Security and F-Secure are two completely separate companies.

If you have support issues with your commercial product, please contact the appropriate company.

8.3. SSH Mailing list

If these resources don't help, you can post to the Usenet newsgroup comp.security.ssh or send mail to the gatewayed mailing list for ssh users at ssh@clinet.fi. To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@clinet.fi with

subscribe ssh

in the body of the message.

Before subscribing, you might like to take a look at the archives of the mailing list, at

8.4. Tutorials

There are at least (if you know of any others, let me know) two decent user level tutorials available on the web:

8.5. Web pages

There are some web pages on various aspects of SSH. Here are the ones I have:

8.6. Publications

There are two articles in SunWorld by Steve Acheson on SSH:

There is a book out on Secure Shell (both SSH1 and SSH2), UNIX Secure Shell, ISBN 0071349332 by Anne Carasik, available from McGraw-Hill Publishing. For those outside of the United States, the book is available without the CD-ROM. I hate the US crypto laws.. :-(

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