Marine Geology and Geophysics/ Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics Seminars (MG&G/SGT)


*** Note: All MG&G/SGT seminars for Spring 2021 have been moved online due to the COVID-19 outbreak. ***

For questions, comments and seminar suggestions, please contact the seminar coordinators:

Renata Constantino -

Andrew Lloyd -

Guy Paxman -

Catalina Sanchez-Roa -

Unless otherwise specified, MG&G/SGT seminars are held every Wednesday at 12:10 p.m. EST

See here for the shuttle bus schedule between the Lamont and Morningside campuses.

FALL 2021
September 15 Tanner Acquisto, LDEO
September 22 TBC
September 29 Alberto Malinverno, LDEO
October 6 TBC
October 13 Weisen Shen, Stony Brook University
October 20 Leigh Stearns, University of Kansas
October 27 Vishaal Singh, LDEO
November 3 Bingkun Luo, LDEO
November 10 Catalina Sanchez-Roa, LDEO
November 17 Louise Borthwick, Temple University
November 24 Thanksgiving
December 1 Brandon Shuck, LDEO
December 8 TBC