Earth Science Colloquium


The Earth Science Colloquium Series is sponsored by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Columbia University Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES). This series provides a lively forum for discussing a wide variety of topics within the earth sciences and related fields. Colloquia are attended by the full range of scientific and technical staff at LDEO. Colloquium attendance is required of all pre-orals DEES graduate students. The Colloquium Series supports the Lamont Seminar Diversity Initiative

Instructions for Speakers:

Each colloquium is scheduled for approximately one hour. Speakers are asked to prepare a 40-45 minute presentation, which will be followed by a question and discussion period. The colloquium audience comes from a diverse array of scientific backgrounds (including graduate students from the geological, biological, chemical, and physical sciences). Not all members of the audience will be familiar with the history of or methodologies used in every subfield of the earth sciences. Speakers should therefore begin their talk with at least 15-20 minutes of general background information before proceeding to more specialized topics.

Time and Place:

This year, all Colloquia will be given virtually through Zoom. Colloquium will begin at 3:30 pm Friday afternoons throughout the academic year. Under special circumstances, like when the speaker is many time zones away from New York, the start time may be shifted several hours. Since we are virtual this year, staff and student meetings with the speaker may be spread out over several days of the week to accommodate speaker and Lamont community members' schedules.


All talks will be given via Zoom.  Colloquium speakers will deliver their talks through screen sharing on their personal computer. Zoom support for setting up speaker presentations can be arranged by contacting the colloquium coordinators.


Seminar Schedule

Colloquium Comittee

Coordinator: Kevin Uno, BPE - 


Tanner Acquisto, MGG -

Shanice Bailey, OCP -

Alexandra Balter, Geochemistry -

Clara Chang, BPE -

Sarah Giles, SGT -

Joohee Kim, Geochemistry -