2010-2011 Earth Science Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2010

September 10: Kathy Cashman (University of Oregon) "Bubbles and Bangs: Exploring Relationships Between Bubbles and Volcanic Explosivity"

September 17:  David Barbeau, Jr.   (University of South Carolina) "Has Drake Passage Been Open Since Paleocene? "

September 24:  Special Event "The Life & Science of John B. Diebold 1944-2010"

October 1: Nathan Bangs (University of Texas) "Deep 3D Structure Within the Nankai Trough Convergent Margin and Implications for the Seismogenic Zone"

October 8: Richard Armstrong (NSIDC/University of Colorado, Boulder) "The Role of Glaciers in the Hydrology of Nepal"

October 15: Dennis Hartmann (University of Washington) "Climate Feedback Processes in Observations and Models"

October 22: W.S. Jardetzky Lecture - Stephen Rintoul (Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research ) "The Global Influence of the Southern Ocean"

October 29: Rick Carlson (Carnegie Institution) "Signatures of Early Earth Processes in the Modern Earth's Interior"

November 5: Diversity Lecture 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. - Claude M. Steele (Columbia University) "Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What Can We Do"

November 12: Jeroen Tromp (Princeton University) "Seismic Modeling and Imaging Based on Adjoint Methods"

November 19: Rick Colwell (Oregon State University) "Biogeochemical Exhalations: Microbial Methane in Marine Sediments".

November 26: Thanksgiving

December 3: Rob Socolow (Princeton University) "How Would We Act If We Took Climate Change Seriously?"

December 10: Jagadish Shukla (COLA/George Mason University) "It is Necessary to Revolutionize Climate Prediction: Is it Possible?"

December 17: AGU  


Spring 2011


  January 21: Timothy Crone (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) "Estimating the Magnitude of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Leak"

January 28:   Ann Pearson (Harvard University) “Biomarker Windows on Marine Production and the Sedimentary Record”

February 4:    Matt Fouch (Arizona State University)  “Revising Paradigms of Plate Tectonics for the Western United States”

February 11: Michelle Mack ( University of Florida)  "Novel Disturbance Regimes and Carbon Cycle Feedbacks to Climate in a Warming Arctic"

February 18: Henry Dick (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution -WHOI) “Amagmatic Rifting, Ultraslow Spreading, and a New Class of Ocean Ridge”

February 25: Emily Brodsky (University of California, Santa Cruz) "Fault Bumps"

March 4: Diversity Lecture - Linda Gundersen (U.S. Geological Survey) "Factors Influencing the Success of Women in the Geosciences"

March 11 :   Robin Bell (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) "Antarctica's Leaky Basement: Implications for Ice Sheet Dynamics, Paleoclimate Records and Microbiology"

March 18: A Very Special Celebration for Taro Takahashi

March 25: John Cullen   (Dalhousie University) "Chlorophyll as the Measure of Phytoplankton Biomass: Time to Move On."

April 1:  Timothy Shanahan (University of Texas at Austin) ''Megadroughts, Abrupt Climate Changes and Ecosystem Feedbacks in the West African Monsoon: Insights and Surprises From the Tropical Forest Zone"     

April 8: Canceled

April 15:   Katrina Edwards ( University of Southern California)  "Opportunities and challenges in studies of deep life"   

April 22: David Battisti (University of Washington) "Abrupt Climate Change and the Monsoons During the Last Glacial Period: Interpretation of the Asian Speleothems"   

April 29:   Arne Körtzinger (University of Kiel, Germany) ''Oxygen in the Ocean - Dynamics, Trends and New Observational Approaches"

May 6: James Syvitski (University of Colorado at Boulder) "Sediment Flux and the Anthropocene"           

May 13:   Russell Elsberry (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterrey, CA) "Intraseasonal Predictions of Tropical Cyclone Formation and Tracks: Bridging the Gap Between Deterministic Short-Term Forecasts and Seasonal Forecasts"