2016-2017 Earth Science Colloquium Schedule

FALL 2016

September 9 New Students Welcome Party DEES, Columbia University  
September 16 Paul Asimow California Institute of Technology


The Mid-ocean Ridge Basalt Ferric Iron Crisis

September 23 Cindy Ebinger University of Rocherster

Fluid Fluxes and Crustal Dynamics: New Insights from Rift Zones

September 30

William D'Andrea

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Atmospheric CO2 and Climate Variability During Antarctic Deglaciation in the Early Miocene
October 7 Jeffrey Shaman Columbia University

Simulation and Forecast of Infectious Disease: Environmental Determinants and Transmission Dynamics”

October 14 Peter Huybers Harvard University Delayed CO2 Emissions from Mid-Ocean Ridge Volcanism as a Possible Cause of Late-Pleistocene Glacial Cycles
October 21 Holly Michael University of Delaware Land-Sea Water Exchange from Ripples to Shelves: Implications for Coastal Ecosystems and Ocean Chemistry
October 28 Kay Bidle Rutgers University Phytoplankton-Virus Arms Races at Sea: Placing Subcellular Controls on Oceanographic Scales
November 4 Britney Schmidt Georgia Tech

Europa in Our Backyard: Robots, Radar and the Search for Life Beyond Earth

November 11 Kathleen Weathers Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Ecological Puzzles And A Passion For Lakes: How Cyanobacteria, Sensors, And Cyberinfrastructure Helped Launch Scientists And Citizens Into A 21stcentury Experiment
November 18 Andrea Dutton University of Florida Polar Ice Sheet Retreat During Past Warm Periods: An Update from the Seychelles
November 25 Thanksgiving Break    
December 2 Andrew Nyblade Penn State

Cenozoic Extension, Volcanism and Plateau Uplift in Eastern African and the African Superplume

December 9 Christine Wiedinmyer National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Emissions and Impacts of Air Pollutants from Biomass Burning


January 20      
January 27 Esteban Gazel Virginia Tech Life Cycles of Mantle Plumes
February 3 Elizabeth Kolbert Williams College

Swimming to Castello Aragonese:  A Conversation About Science and Storytelling

February 10 Kuheli Dutt Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Unconscious Bias and STEM Diversity
February 17 Brandon Schmandt University of New Mexico Investigating Mount St. Helens’ Seismicity and Magma Plumbing with a Hybrid Passive and Active Source Array
February 24 Karen Fischer Brown University The Variable Nature of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Transition
March 3 William Wilcock University of Washington Cabled Seafloor Observatories and the 2015 Eruption of Axial Seamount
March 10 Mark Fahnestock University of Alaska, Fairbanks Pervasive Glacier Change in Greenland Since 2000
March 17 Spring Break    
March 24 Carmala Garzione University of                Rochester The Tectonic Evolution of the Central Andean Plateau and Geodynamic Implications for the Growth of Plateaus
March 31

Distinguished Alumni Lecture

Jeffrey Severinghaus

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD What Have Learned About Our Future From Ice Core Studies of the past?
April 7 Robert Sherell Rutgers University How Natural Iron Fertilization Works in Productive West Antarctic Shelf Regions
April 14 First Year Colloquium    
April 21

W. S. Jardetzky Lecture

Kenneth Farley

California Institute of Technology Geology on Mars: Ongoing Results from Curiosity and Planning for the Next Mars Rover
April 28 Stephanie Dutkiewicz Massachusetts Institute of Technology Climate Change Impacts on Marine Phytoplankton Communities
May 5 Donna Shillington Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Diet Affects Behavior: How Ingested Fluids and Sediments Influence Alaska Subduction Zone Earthquakes
May 12 Kristie Boering University of California, Berkeley A New Look at Old Air in the Stratosphere: Radiocarbon Production and Transport to the Troposphere