2018-2019 Earth Science Colloquium Schedule

FALL 2018

September 14 Excellence in Mentoring Award  
September 21 Abhishek Chatterjee, NASA GSFC

Constraining carbon cycle dynamics using contemporary observations: Achievements, challenges and opportunities

September 28
Distinguished Alumni Lecture
Brenda Ekwurzel, Union of Concerned Scientists

Global surface temperature and sea level rise from emissions traced to major industrial carbon producers

October 5 Colleen Dalton, Brown University Seismological constraints on the evolution of oceanic lithosphere
October 12 Jay Ague, Yale University

Decarbonation During Plate Convergence and Collision: Implications for the Deep Carbon Cycle

October 19 Marcia Bjornerud, Lawrence University Writing about science for the public:  Merging mythos and logos
October 26 Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Penn State University Heat flow beneath Greenland: implications for NE Greenland and whole-ice-sheet response
November 2 M. Beatrice Magnani, Southern Methodist University Discriminating between natural vs induced seismicity from long-term deformation history of intraplate faults
November 9 Chirs Fairall, NOAA Marine Boundary Layers: OBSERVATIONS and Models
November 16 Paul Olsen, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory The Geological Orrery: Mapping Chaos in the Solar System from Geology on Earth
November 23 Thanksgiving  
November 30 Kanani Lee, Yale University Facilitating oxidation of the atmosphere through mantle convection
December 7 Tasha Dunn, Colby College It’s getting hot in here: Thermal metamorphism of the least equilibrated CK chondrite



February 1          Terry Plank, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory At the Speed of Volcanic Eruptions
February 8 David Hodell, University of Cambridge

Triple oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of gypsum hydration water: A resurrected proxy of hydrologic change

February 15  Andrew Revkin, National Geographic Society My Climate Change: Lessons Learned in 30 Years on the Global Warming Beat
February 22 Valier Galy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Revisiting the reactivity of terrestrial organic matter along the land-sea continuum: implications for the global budget of organic carbon burial
March 1

James McClintock, The University of Alabama, Birmingham

Antarctic Climate Change: A Model to Communicate about Global Warming
March 8 Xiaojun Yuan, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory The Interconnected Global Climate System—A Review of Tropical–Polar Teleconnections
March 15 Diversity Speaker, Erika Marin-Spiotta, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Building Partnerships to Transform Workplace Climate in the Geosciences

March 22    
March 29 Christopher Scholz, Syracuse University  
April 5 Edwin Gerber, New York University  
April 12 First Year Colloquium  
April 19 Eugene Humphreys, University of Oregon  
April 26    
May 3 James, Day, University of California, San Diego  
May 10 Alex Halliday, Earth Institute, Columbia University  
May 17 Robert Sohn, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution