2018-2019 Earth Science Colloquium Schedule

FALL 2018

September     14   Excellence in Mentoring Award  
September 21 Abhishek Chatterjee, NASA GSFC

Constraining carbon cycle dynamics using contemporary observations: Achievements, challenges and opportunities

September 28
Distinguished Alumni Lecture
Brenda Ekwurzel, Union of Concerned Scientists

Global surface temperature and sea level rise from emissions traced to major industrial carbon producers

October 5 Colleen Dalton, Brown University Seismological constraints on the evolution of oceanic lithosphere
October 12 Jay Ague, Yale University

Decarbonation During Plate Convergence and Collision: Implications for the Deep Carbon Cycle

October 19 Marcia Bjornerud, Lawrence University Writing about science for the public:  Merging mythos and logos
October 26 Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Penn State University Heat flow beneath Greenland: implications for NE Greenland and whole-ice-sheet response
November 2 M. Beatrice Magnani, Southern Methodist University Discriminating between natural vs induced seismicity from long-term deformation history of intraplate faults
November 9 Chirs Fairall, NOAA Marine Boundary Layers: OBSERVATIONS and Models
November 16 Paul Olsen, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory The Geological Orrery: Mapping Chaos in the Solar System from Geology on Earth
November 23 Thanksgiving  
November 30 Kanani Lee, Yale University Facilitating oxidation of the atmosphere through mantle convection
December 7 Tasha Dunn, Colby College It’s getting hot in here: Thermal metamorphism of the least equilibrated CK chondrite



February 1          Terry Plank, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory At the Speed of Volcanic Eruptions
February 8 David Hodell, University of Cambridge

Triple oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of gypsum hydration water: A resurrected proxy of hydrologic change

February 15  Andrew Revkin, National Geographic Society My Climate Change: Lessons Learned in 30 Years on the Global Warming Beat
February 22 Valier Galy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Revisiting the reactivity of terrestrial organic matter along the land-sea continuum: implications for the global budget of organic carbon burial
March 1

James McClintock, The University of Alabama, Birmingham

Antarctic Climate Change: A Model to Communicate about Global Warming
March 8 Xiaojun Yuan, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory The Interconnected Global Climate System—A Review of Tropical–Polar Teleconnections
March 15 Diversity Speaker, Erika Marin-Spiotta, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Building Partnerships to Transform Workplace Climate in the Geosciences

March 22 Spring Break  
March 29 Christopher Scholz, Syracuse University

Tectonics, Paleoclimates, and Paleobiology of Africa’s Western Rift Valley

April 5 Edwin Gerber, New York University The Circulation Response to Volcanic Eruptions
April 12 Students First Year Colloquium  
April 19 Eugene Humphreys, University of Oregon

Laramide-age growth of the Wyoming craton by ocean plateau under-accretion

April 26 Lecture cancelled  
May 3 James, Day, University of California, San Diego

Delivering and retaining volatile elements during the birth of planets

May 10 Paul Richards, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Recent progress in Seismic Monitoring of Earthquakes and Nuclear Explosions, and some of what we have learned
May 17 Robert Sohn, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The Fascinating and Complex Geology and Hydrodynamics of Yellowstone Lake