2015-2016 Earth Science Colloquium Schedule



Fall 2015
September 11
New Student Welcome Party
DEES, Columbia University
September 18
University of California, Santa Cruz
September 25
University of California, Santa Barbara
October 2
Columbia University
October 9
Columbia University
October 16
October 23
Brown University
October 30
University of British Columbia
November 6
"Variable Magma Supply to Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaiʻi, and Impact on Eruptive Activity"
November 13
University of California, Santa Cruz
November 20
Harvard University

"Did the Climate of the Late 20th Century Mask Mechanisms for Rapid, Large-Scale Change in Eastern US Forests?"

November 27
University break
December 4
Anand Gnanadesikan

Johns Hopkins University
December 11
Yale University
"Geobiological Evolution of Planetary P reservoirs:  O–Isotope Studies"
Winter/Spring 2016
January 22
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
January 29
New York University
February 12
 Princeton University
February 19
Stanford University
February 26
Oregon State University
March 4
Cornell University
March 11
GEOMAR | Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
March 18
 University break
March 25
The Washington Post
April 27 Graduate Students First Year Colloquium


April 1
Distinguished Alumni Lecture
University of California, Santa Cruz
April 8
Diversity Lecture
University of Texas, Arlington

“Engaging Under Represented Minorities in the Geosciences”

April 15
University of Hawai'i, Manoa

 “Snowflakes in Volcanic Rocks: Implications for Magmatic Processes in Basaltic Magma Reservoirs”

April 22
The University of Chicago
April 29
University of British Columbia
May 6
University of Colorado, Boulder
May 13 Satish Singh Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris "Intra-Plate Deformation, Great Earthquakes, and Serpentinization in the Indian Ocean and Their Roles in the Subduction Process"