Open House 2007

LDEO’s annual open house is an exciting opportunity for adults and children of every age to learn about Earth in fun and engaging ways!

Shortly after Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory was founded in 1949, its founder, Maurice “Doc” Ewing, realized that Lamont’s neighbors were not aware of the nature of the research conducted here. Therefore he started Open House, and opened up the campus one day each year for neighbors, students and the wider Columbia University community.

In 1999, in recognition of Lamont’s 50th Anniversary, Open House was expanded to include nearly 40 exhibits, lectures and demonstration, and attracted over 4,000 people. Attendees learn about the current developments in the Earth Sciences, and about how our increasing understanding of the Earth helps preserve its future. Different exhibits are aimed at different ages and educational levels, from elementary school-age children to college students to those well versed in the earth sciences.

For further information regarding this event, please contact LDEO Events by sending email to events at ldeo dot columbia dot edu or by calling 845-365-8998.


>>Open House 2007 Program (PDF)


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