Fixing Climate: Wallace Broecker, May 20


The new Columbia Climate Center and The Earth Institute at Columbia University invite you to help launch the new book

Fixing Climate: What Past Climate Changes Reveal About the Current Threat—And How to Counter It

with coauthor WALLACE S. BROECKER

Special guests: Earth Institute director JEFFREY SACHS will speak; musician TOM CHAPIN will perform “Uncle Wally’s Tale”

Remarks by Climate Center director Peter Schlosser, geophysicist Klaus Lackner and geochemist Robert A. Anderson of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2008

5:00PM-6:30PM. Reception and book signing to follow.

Davis Auditorium, 530 West 120 Street (Bway/Amsterdam), Columbia University

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“Towering scientist Wally Broecker and master wordsmith Rob Kunzig tell the story we must read. … Along the way, we catch a glimpse behind the great mind, of what it is to be Wally Broecker trying to rescue the world from itself.”—Richard Alley, Pennsylvania State University

“If anyone should be taken seriously on the topic of climate change, it is Wallace Broecker, who has spent more than 50 years studying the climate of the past 200,000 years, and who was one of the first to warn, more than three decades ago, of the dangers of global warming.” –OnEarth

“A call to arms for us to take responsibility for our fossil-fuel dependency. The climate has changed; now let’s fix this open sewer of the twenty-first century.”—Nature

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