Open House 2009

LDEO’s Open House 2009 cancelled

It is with great regret that Lamont-Doherty has cancelled the 2009 Open House, a casualty of budget cuts caused by reductions in the Observatory’s endowment income for the current academic year.

We have been greatly heartened by comments we have received from loyal friends and attendees:

One mother of an 8-year old wrote, “Your Open House provided the kind of eye-opening, hands-on experience that is necessary for textbooks to feel real and to help young people put book knowledge into context.” Another loyal attendee wrote, “Open House has become an annual event for both our family and close friends and will be sorely missed. I speak for all in our group when I express our sincerest hopes that you will reinstate the event next year…and thank all responsible for their selfless efforts and participation during past events.” 

Many others sent similar messages of encouragement. Thank you. We truly appreciate your support and hope to reinstate this great tradition in the Fall of 2010.