Research News 2000


Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory's Open House 2000

The Public and the Columbia Community are invited to: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory's Open House 2000, Saturday, October 7, 2000 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


G. Michael Purdy, Geophysicist and NSF Administrator, To Lead Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University.

Geophysicist, the National Science Foundation Administrator, joining LDEO on Dec. 1.


Discovery of Human Artifacts Below Surface of Black Sea Backs Theory by Columbia University Faculty of Ancient Flood

Ballard discovers wooden house 300' below Black Sea that may have been victim of biblical deluge.


Earth to Class Saturday Workshops for Teachers

Workshops for educators. K-12 teachers learn from Lamont scientists.Earth Science Saturdays Schedule.


Magnitude 2.5 Earthquake Centered North of New York City Recorded at Lamont

Magnitude 2.5 Earthquake Centered North of New York City Recorded at Lamont.


Lamont's R/V Maurice Ewing Visits New York City

R/V Maurice Ewing NYC Tour Aug 23



Navy's Newest Ocean Survey Ship Will Offer Public Tours August 3 for Lamont Community, August 4 & 5 at Intrepid Pier

US Navy ship named after Lamont's Bruce Heezen.


Increasing Carbon Dioxide Levels Threaten Coral Reefs Worldwide

Langdon's 4 year study at Biosphere 2 Center's unique experimental coral reef.


Seafloor off Mid-Atlantic Coast Highly Charged with Gas. Vigorous Gas Expulsion Could Weaken Shelf Edge

Seafloor off Mid-Atlantic coast highly charged with gas. Vigorous gas expulsion could weaken shelf edge.


Test Ban Treaty Opponents Resort to Political Gamesmanship and Dubious Science

Sykes disputes science behind Test Ban Treaty opposition.


Undersea Cracks Along Continental Shelf Could Trigger Tsunamis Along U.S. East Coast

Ocean floor cracks could trigger East Coast tsunamis.


The Metro East Coast Assessment

Preparing for the consequences of climate change on the home front.


Addressing the Arsenic Crisis in Bangladesh

Diverse Columbia researchers join forces to alter the course of a disaster.


Triggering Mechanism for Northern Ice Ages may Lie "South-of-the-Border"

Gideon Henderson's new technique pin points date of climate events in marine ediments.


Tree-Ring Evidence Confirms Alaskan Inuit Saga of Climate Disaster

Jacoby's tree-ring analysis ties Alaskan saga to 1783 eruption of Iceland volcano.


Science and Folklore Converge in Andean Weather Forecasts Based on the Stars

Andean farmers alter potato planting based on brightness of Pleiades around winter solstice. Cane and colleagues show that cloud and water vapor fluctuations are linked to rainfall and El Niño -- and therefore, to harvests.


Dee Breger's Journal from Antarctica Ice Sheet Expedition

Antarctic Expedition Reports.


Scientist Refutes Notion of Recent Climate as "Uniquely Benign" - Sees Evidence of Approaching Ice Age Despite Global Warming

George Kukla argues that Holocene climate is a replay of the past and another Ice Age is on the way.


Morgan, Pitman and Sykes Win Coveted Vetlesen Prize for Earth Science Achievement

Morgan, Pitman and Sykes Win Coveted Vetlesen Prize for Earth Science Achievement

winter 1999 - 2000

EARTHmatters -- State of the Planet

New Issue with papers of conference speakers.


Geological Society of America and Partners Planning New Electronic Journal Aggregation

Earthscape to distribute GSA Electronic Journal...