Wallace Broecker Speaks to BBC's "The World"

July 30, 2009
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About Energy and Climate Change

As heard on The World Today, on BBC World Service, aired July 7th & July 9th 2009 as part of a three part series on energy and climate:

As politicians and environmentalists prepare for the UN Climate Change talks in December to discuss urgent reduction of CO2 emissions, the BBC asked what is the future for global energy production?

Over three days the BBC examined the world's energy sources and discussed their role in the future. The World Today spoke to James Lovelock - the man who put forward the Gaia theory, who is now an advocate of nuclear power - and Wallace Broecker - the scientist who first identified global warming - and has examined energy's economic and environmental costs. The BBC also heard from leading players at Copenhagen, and reported live from Finland, where the biggest nuclear power station in the world is under construction.