Mary Tobin

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Excellence in Mentoring Award 2002

Doug Brusa

The 2nd Annual Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Excellence in Mentoring Award ceremony was held in Monell Auditorium Friday May 24, 2002. This year's recipient, Dr. Gordon Jacoby of the Tree Ring Laboratory was selected from among a number of very worthy nominees. The Selection Committee Chair, Brendan Buckley described the selection process and read excerpts of statements from several nominations.

Personal observations about Gordon's longstanding excellence in mentoring were given by Neil Pedersen and Nicole Davi. Jim Simpson recalled a story about Gordon's hard work and determination when excavating a rock (which turned out to be a boulder).

Dr. Jacoby received a cash award of $2,000 from Lamont Director G. Michael Purdy. A well-attended reception was held in Monell Lower Lobby after the ceremony.

The Lamont-Doherty Excellence in Mentoring Award was established in 2001 by Director Purdy. Dr. Sidney Hemming was the first recipient of the award.

Congratulations to Dr. Jacoby.

Top left: Photograph of Gordon Jacoby on screen while the real Gordon Jacoby is at the microphone

Bottom left: G.M. Purdy and Gordon Jacoby on deck of Monell Building after ceremony

Bottom right: G.M. Purdy holding cash award as Gordon Jacoby looks on



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