Reconstructing low levels of Lake Lisan by correlating fan-delta and lacustrine deposits

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Quaternary International
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Reconstruction of paleo-shorelines of Lake Lisan, the late Pleistocene precursor of the Dead Sea, is based on sequence stratigraphy of fan-delta and lacustrine deposits that are exposed at the Perazim Valley, southwest of the Dead Sea. The shoreline sediments are physically correlated with lacustrine aragonites, their ages are determined by U-series dating, to establish a lake-level curve for the time interval between 55 and 35 kyr. During most of this period, Lake Lisan was at a relatively low level, which fluctuated between 280 and 290 m below sea level (m bsl). The minimum lake stand( similar to 330m bsl) was reached at 47 kyr and lasted for 3-4 kyr. This episode is marked by a depositional hiatus in the section, and formation of an erosional channel. The studied period correlates with the global marine isotope stage 3. The low stand of Lake Lisan during most of this period indicates relative dry climatic conditions in the region. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd and INQUA. All rights reserved.


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