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Denton, George H.; Putnam, Aaron E.; Russell, Joellen L.; Barrell, David J. A.; Schaefer, Joerg M.
Quaternary Science Reviews
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Koffman,Tobias N.B.; Schaefer, Joerg, M.; Putnam, Aaron E.; Denton, George H.; Barrell, David J. A.; Rowan, Ann V.; Rood, Dylan H.; Schwartz, Roseanne; Plummer, Mitchell A.; Brocklehurst, Simon H.
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Doughty, Alice M.; Mackintosh, Andrew N.; Anderson, Brian M.; Dadic, Ruzica; Putnam, Aaron; Barrell, David J. A.; Denton, George; Chinn, Trevor J. H.; Schaefer, Joerg M.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
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