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In Memoriam Vitaly Ivanovich Khalturin

Vitaly and students

Vitaly Khalturin in 1976, working with graduate students
in his home in Garm, Tajikistan (photo by Tatyana Rautian)

These pages are dedicated to the memory of Vitaly Ivanovich Khalturin, whose work was based in Central Asia for more than forty years.  He worked at Lamont from 1993 to 2005.  His life was extraordinary for its scientific impact, and for its human impact on the lives of many people.

Further contributions to these pages are welcome --- please send comments, reminiscences, and pictures to Kathryn Kennedy,

A memorial to Vitaly for a 2007 issue of Seismological Review Letters (SRL) has been prepared by eleven co-authors.  Several photos of Vitaly in different surroundings were considered for that SRL article, but only one could be chosen.  Here you can see some of the others that were considered.

In late April 2007, members of Vitaly's family and several friends gathered in Palo Alto to remember him.  At that time, many family photographs and written recollections were displayed.  Some of them are included here, as items contributed by Tanya Rautian.  Peter Molnar has contributed photos of Vitaly and an account of his visits to the settings in Central Asia where Vitaly worked.

There is also a short biographical sketch of Vitaly, which he prepared himself for the International Handbook on Earthquakes and Engineering Seismology; and a link to some of Vitaly's scientific papers.

Photos considered for SRL

As we were writing the memorial to Vitaly for publication in Seismological Review Letters, these were among the images we considered using.

From Tanya Rautian

Here can be found a note from Tanya, and some of the messages she received, with more photos of Vitaly.

From Peter Molnar

Here are Memories of Vitaly, 1971 to 2007

Contributed Memories

An occasionally updated page of memories that have been sent in by friends and colleagues

Memorial by eleven co-authors submitted to SRL

SRLmemVIKh_submitted.pdf (PDF 1.48MB)

Some of Vitaly's scientific papers

List of seven titles, linked to downloadable pdf files.




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