Sonya Dyhrman’s LAb at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

Phytoplankton & Biogeochemistry Lab

Sonya Dyhrman’s LAb at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

Microbial Oceanography Group


Gwenn Hennon

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Contact Information:


Mailing Address:

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

61 Rt. 9W

Palisades, NY  10964



University of Washington

Ph.D., Oceanography, 2015

University of Washington

Master of Science, Oceanography, 2012

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, 2009

REsearch Interests

My research is motivated by how phytoplankton will acclimate and adapt to changing climate. Phytoplankton are responsible for about half of photosynthesis on the planet, making them key players in the global carbon cycle. With rising atmospheric CO2, warming, and shifting nutrient limitation in the ocean, they face a myriad of changes to their environment. Which phytoplankton adapt and become dominant will be important in determining the efficiency of carbon sequestration and the structure of the marine food web. My research uses physiology, genetics and modeling to forecast the winners and losers in the aftermath of this significant global change.


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Hennon, G. M. M.; Hernandez Limon*, M.; Haley, S. T.; Juhl, A.; Dyhrman, S. T., “CO2-induced responses in physiology and gene expression of six eukaryotic phytoplankton with type 1D and type II Rubisco” (in revision) Frontiers in Microbiology, Aquatic Microbiology


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Howard, E.; Durkin, C.; Hennon, G. M. M.; Ribalet, F.; Stanley, R., “Biological production, export, and phytoplankton communities across 8000 km of the South Atlantic: Basin scale similarity with mesoscale variability”. (2017) Global Biogeochemical Cycles


Hennon G. M. M. “Uncovering Mechanisms of Phytoplankton Response to Climate Change” (2015) Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Washington


Hennon, G. M. M.; Ashworth, J.; Groussman*, Ryan D.; Berthiaume, C., Morales, R.; Baliga, N.; Orellana, M.; Armbrust, E.V.. “Diatom acclimation to elevated CO2 via cAMP signalling and coordinated gene expression”. (2015) Nature Climate Change


Hennon, G. M. M. ; Quay, P.; Morales, R. L.; Swanson*, L. M.; Armbrust, E. V. . “Acclimation conditions modify physiological response of the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana to elevated CO2 concentrations in a nitrate-limited chemostat” (2014) Journal of Phycology


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