Observational Physical Oceanography
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
of Columbia University

Circulation and mixing of the ocean; the ocean's energy and water exchange with the atmosphere & cryosphere; the ocean's coastal and benthic boundaries, are the topics of physical oceanography. Physical oceanographic research tools range from: observations obtained from ships, moorings, drifters, aircraft and satellites; to modeling of ocean processes and general circulation, including ocean atmosphere coupling; to the more theoretical investigation of ocean dynamics. These approaches are often integrated to address important oceanographic phenomena across a variety of spatial and temporal scales.
Lamont field going physical oceanographers use data from a variety of sources- from in situ field observations and from a variety of satellites based sensors. We are also the originators of data and have contributed to many important observational data sets in the Southern Ocean, Indonesian Seas and South Atlantic, as well as in local coastal waters, covering a remarkable wide range of research topics. We are very active in the development of large research programs, such as the study of Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR). Personnel at Lamont engaged in physical oceanographic field activities, including those that go to sea and those that make use of presently active ship based or satellite based observational programs, are:
Program Leader: Arnold L. Gordon
Senior Research Scientist: Stan Jacobs
Douglas Martinson
Hsien-Wang Ou
Research Scientist: Martin Visbeck
Associate Research Scientist: Amy Ffield
Dwi Susanto
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow:
Post-Doctoral Research Scientist: Gerd Krahmann
Robin Robertson
Senior Staff Associate: Robert Houghton
Bruce Huber
Staff Associate: Claudia Giulivi
Adjunct Senior Research Scientist: Silvia Garzoli
Gani Ilahude
Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer: Phil Mele
Systems Analyst/Programmer: Richard Iannuzzi
Visiting Scientist:

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