Summary of iAnZone biennial meeting and SASSI workshop
Sunday 9th October, Venice, Italy

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The 9th iAnZone biennial meeting was held on Sunday 9th October 2005 at the Scuole Evangelista in Venice, immediately prior to the Ross Sea Conference. Local arrangements were made by Andrea Bergamasco and Jane Frankenfield, to whom we are most grateful.

The meeting was well attended by over 30 people, including representatives from Brazil, Japan, Russia, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Finland, Italy, USA and UK. We particularly welcomed representatives from several of the other Expressions of Interest (EoI) to the International Polar Year (IPY) who had been allocated to the iAnZone-led cluster. These have brought additional techniques and disciplines to enhance iAnZone’s original SASSI proposal for work during IPY.

The meeting consisted of about 23 short talks summarising both past and current work in the Antarctic Zone, and plans for SASSI. Results of the current iAnZone projects ISPOL and AnSlope were presented, as well as a report on the recent MaudNESS experiment. The plans for achieving a good coverage of hydrographic sections and moorings across the continental shelf and slope as part of SASSI are very encouraging and the situation looks promising. However many of the participating nations stated that their funding situation was not yet finalised for IPY, and it will not be until the end of 2006 that we know what aspects of SASSI plans will go ahead. All participants are urged to make use of the iAnZone mailing list (email to to notify others of funding outcomes and opportunities for collaboration. Bruce Huber is thanked for providing continuing excellent support for the iAnZone website and mailing list.

A short meeting of the iAnZone steering committee was held. Future workshops were discussed and it was agreed that a workshop during 2006 will be needed to further develop plans for SASSI. In general there was approval for combining meetings with other relevant meetings or conferences to minimise the amount of travel and expense, and maximise the numbers attending. Possibilities for a SASSI workshop include combining with the SCAR meeting in Hobart in July 2006, and the AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco in December 2006. A SASSI workshop in December of 2006 will likely allow adequate time for some of the national funding agencies to decide on their level of support for IPY-SASSI projects. The location and timing will be further discussed by email amongst the steering committee and suggestions are welcome. The next biennial meeting in the latter half of 2007 was discussed. Options include combining with the High Latitude Dynamics meeting in Bergen in August 2007, or the IUGG meeting in Perugia in July 2007. iAnZone participants are encouraged to contact a member of the steering committee to make further suggestions or comment on these possibilities.

Rotation of the committee was discussed. Karen Heywood has completed her 2 year term of office as Chair and will be standing down, although she remains on the committee for 2 years as past Chair. Alex Orsi and Andrea Bergamasco have kindly agreed to become the new Co-Chairs. Hartmutt Hellmer (Germany) and Robin Muench (USA), as previous Co-Chairs, are rotating off the steering committee, as is Russell Frew (New Zealand). We thank all departing members for their time and enthusiasm. Vicky Lytle has moved to the CliC office in Tromso so will no longer be the Australian representative. She will however remain on the Steering Committee to provide a link to CliC and represent Norway. We welcome as new members to the steering committee Emmanuelle Houssais, Mar Flexas and Guy Williams.

The committee for the next 2 years is therefore:

Alex Orsi (Co-Chair; USA)
Andrea Bergamasco (Co-Chair; Italy)
Karen Heywood (ex officio as past Chair; UK)
Shuki Ushio (Japan)
Zhanhai Zhang (China)
Mauricio Mata (Brazil)
Alexander Klepikov (Russia)
Timo Vihma (Finland)
Vicky Lytle (Norway; CliC)
Emanuelle Houssais (France)
Mike Schroeder (Germany)
Mar Flexas (Spain)
Guy Williams (Australia)

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Karen J. Heywood
21st October 2005