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MATRIP began in 1995 when Rosanne D'Arrigo and Gordon Jacoby visited Mongolia and arranged with the Mongolian Academy of Sciences to jointly engage in dendroclimatic research in Mongolia


Dinner Meeting - Drs. Ch. Dugarjav, Gordon C. Jacoby, R. Mijiddorg.

The agreement for cooperative research was followed by three weeks of collecting tree-core samples in central and northern Mongolia. This effort was followed by obtaining NSF support for a four-year research program.

Collaboration in a Mongolian Ger.

The program included providing sampling equipment, software for data processing and setting up a modern tree-ring measuring system in Ulaanbatar, the capital city. This cooperative is continuing with about eight scientists involved, equally balanced by Mongolian and American representation.

Participating institutions include:

Institue of Biotechnology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Department of Forestry, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Hydrometeorlogical Research Institue of Mongolia

Even Homer J. Simpson is involved!! [doh!!]

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