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Mongolian Temperature Trends

The new inference of temperature for the past 1700 years shows that the 20th century is the warmest century of the last 1000 years. The period before 850 has low sample replication and must interpreted with caution.

The yellow bars represent periods of above average warmth. The blue bars represent periods of above average cool temperatures.

This record is an extension of the earlier record below. The full citation of this publication can be found here.

A picture of a strip-bark Siberian pine from this site can be seen here. and an obituary to an old friend.

The graph shows elevated temperatures over the past 70 years that are not observed in the previous 320+ years. The Northern Hemisphere temperature reconstuction (D'Arrigo & Jacoby, 1989) is plotted with the Mongolian series. Mongolian temperatures show general long-term agreement with the Northern Hemisphere with important regional differences.


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