CO2 Flux Estimated from Air-Sea Difference in CO2 Partial Pressure
The regional and global net CO2 values have been computed using (wind speed)2 and (windspeed)3 formulations for the wind speed dependence on the gas transfer rate with wind speeds at 10 meters and 0.995 sigma level (about 40 meters above the sea surface). The 0.995 sigma level winds were used in our publication in DEEP SEA RESEARCH PART II, Vol 49, 2002, pp 1601-1622, found at the DSR2 website, here. These winds averaged about 1 m/sec faster than the 10 meter winds. Because, in the formulations of gas transfer rate the 10-meter height is specific, they should have been used. The flux values obtained with these 10-meter winds are about 30% less than the values in the publication, and are located, here.
The data file from which this map was created, including all 12 months of data is here.
Ocean Basin summations of Sea-Air Flux in units of Pg (1015 g) Carbon year-1 computed using the two different wind data are available. Using the 10 Meter Height Winds. Using the 0.995 Sigma Level Winds.