Global Estimate of Surface Ocean pCO2, Total CO2, Total Alkalinity, pH, Omega of Calcite, and Omega of Aragonite
03 September 2014
This page contains data and maps created for our estimate of global surface ocean pH. It is the source for the paper published in Marine Chemistry: "Climatological distributions of pH, pCO2, total CO2, alkalinity,and CaCO3 saturation in the global surface ocean,and temporal changes at selected locations" doi: 10.1016/j.marchem.2014.06.004

There are two databases. One is the individual observations, mostly from the GLODAP project where pCO2 observations from the LDEO database have been merged into the GLODAP file. This is the "observed" database. We also re-ran our interpolation scheme to create an updated pCO2 gridded database, using 2005 as the reference year. Those data and the pH, CO3=, Hydrogen Ion Concentration, etc. are contained in the "calculated" data base.

The documentation for these data sets is HERE.

The database of 16,762 observations including LDEO pCO2 Data is here
The database of 21,084 monthly, gridded data elements including pCO2, calculated TCO2, Calculated Potential and Total Alkalinity, calculated pH, and calculated Omega of Calcite and Aragonite is here.
pH maps here pCO2 (2005) maps here Omega of Calcite maps here
Omega of Aragonite maps here Total Alkalinity maps here
Total CO2 (calculated) maps here