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Thank you for visiting this LDEO web site. This web site is constructed and maintained by Won-Young Kim. The contents, correctness and expressed opinion in this web site are my own and do not necessarily represent views of my colleagues at the observatory nor THE LAMONT-DOHERTY EARTH OBSERVATORY OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.

LDEO may provide links to web pages which are not part of the LDEO web family, or ldeo.columbia.edu domain. These sites are not under LDEO control, and LDEO is not responsible for the information or links you may find there. LDEO is providing these links only as a convenience. The presence of these links on any LDEO website is not intended to imply LDEO endorsement of that site, but to provide a convenient link to relevant sites which are managed by other organizations, companies, or individuals.

(signed), Won-Young Kim, May, 2001

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