Websites related to research of NAO

NAO books

  • The North Atlantic Oscillation Climate Significance and Environmental Impacts, J.W. Hurrell, Y. Kushnir, G. Ottersen, and M. VisbeckGeophysical Monograph Series, 134, 2003.
  • NAO Theme pages

  • David Stephenson's NAO theme page.
  • The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit
  • CPC NAO website
  • Annular modes web page


  • CPC current NAO monthly Index
  • CDC current and forecasted daily NAO Index
  • NCAR'S Jim Hurrell at the Climate Analysis Section also maintains an NAO Index

  • The UK-Metoffice NAO experimental forecast (M. Rodwell)
  • UCL (University College London) Seasonal Weather Forecast web-site (M. Saunders).
  • Other NAO relates links

  • Atlantic Climate Variability Experimentation an element of (US-CLIVAR)
  • North Atlantic Oscillation and year-to-year plankton fluctuations.
  • UWash (JISAO) provides Hurrell's NAO Index and information on Decadal Climate Variability
  • The NCAR Climate and Global Dynamics division
  • Lamont Climate Group
  • Arctic Theme Page
  • AGU  NAO Chapman Conference
  • AGU  NAO Chapman Conference online poster session
  • NAO experimental forecast page
  • old LDEO NAO page