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Education and Outreach for the project has involved many presentations to the public which included:

New York City International Polar Weekend March 7-8, 2007 - Talk & Polar Fair - Subglacial Lake Poster

New York City International Polar Weekend February 5-6, 2008 - Talk & Polar Fair - Gambutsev Mountain Poster, Ice Sheet Surface Temperature Poster , How Glaciers Move Poster

Studying the Gamburtsev Mountains Why Should We Care?

Studying Subglacial Lakes Why Should We Care?

Studying the Surface Temperature of Ice Sheets Why Should We Care?

June 2008 CReSIS Professional Development Workshop Kansas - "The Heat is On" - Visualizing Data

June 2008 CReSIS Professional Development Workshop Ohio - "The Heat is On" - Visualizing Data

August 5, 2008 Liberty Science Center Earth Science Professional Development Workshop - Modeling the Formation of the Gamburtsev Mountains

Image depicts the impact of ice sheet melting on a waterfront community. Slow drip drip drip of water from a melting 'ice sheet' slowly raises the water level around the community.

October 4, 2008 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Open House - If the Antarctic Ice Sheet Melts what would happen to the Tappan Zee Bridge?

October 9-12 2008, Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Conference - International Polar Year - Global Change in Our Communities

December 12, 2008 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Earth2Class Professional Development - Visualizing Data

New York City International Polar Weekend February 7-8, 2009 - Talk & AGAP Poster, Polar Fair

Baltimore, Maryland Polar Weekend Event April 4-5, 2009 - AGAP Poster, Polar Fair

July 2009 UMAS STEM Polar Teacher Workshop - Visualizing Data

Spring 2010, Philadelphia National Science Teachers Association - Gamburtsev Mountains & Subglacial Lakes

Spring 2009 Baltimore Polar Fair - Gamburtsev Mountains & Subglacial Lakes

glacial change
Using a model of Antarctica to identify topographic features and connect these to the overlying ice sheet.

Spring 2010 AMNH Polar Fair

Winter 2010 Alpine NJ School Board - Measuring Glacial Changes

Winter 2010 Alpine Middle School - Talk to the Middle School on Polar Research

Spring 2010 Hudson River Museum- Science Sunday -Polar Contributions to Sea Level Rise

Fall 2010 Lamont Open House

Winter 2010 Baltimore Science Museum Polar Fair

Winter 2010 AGU Education Talk - Building from IPY

Winter 2010 Emporia State University STEM Science Day - Keynote Student Talk and Teacher Workshop

Spring 2011 World Science Festival, New York City - Supercooling, Locating Mountains & Other 'Cool Science'

This project funded through NSF Antarctic Research Grants #ANT 0632292; ANT 0619457| contact us | web master
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