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Aguilar-Islas, Ana M.
Buck, Cliff
Landing, William
Aerosols Univ of Alaska Fairbanks
UC Santa Cruz
Florida State University
aaguilar at iarc.uaf.edu
cliftonsbuck at gmail.com
wlanding at fsu.edu
Anderson, Robert F. Dissolved and Particulate Th and Pa
Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs boba at ldeo.columbia.edu
Boyle, Ed Pacific Pb concentration and Isotopes
Mass Inst of Technology eaboyle at mit.edu
Bruland, Kenneth
Smith, Geoffrey
Fe, Al, Mn, Zn, Cd, Cu, Co, Ni and Pb UC Santa Cruz bruland at ucsc.edu
geosmit at ucsc.edu
Brzezinski, Mark Si isotopes
UC Santa Barbara brzezins at lifesci.ucsb.edu
Buck, Kristen
Barbeau, Kathy
Pacific Metal Speciation Bermuda Inst of Ocean Sci
Scripps Inst of Oceanogr
kristen.buck at bios.edu
kbarbeau at ucsd.edu
Buesseler, Ken
Moore, Billy
Charette, Matt
234Th, 228Th and Ra isotopes Woods Hole Oceanogr Inst
Univ of South Carolina
Woods Hole Oceanogr Inst
kbuesseler at whoi.edu
moore at geol.sc.edu
mcharette at whoi.edu
Casciotti, Karen
Altabet, Mark
Nitrogen Isotopes Stanford University
Univ of Mass Dartmouth
kcasciot at stanford.edu
maltabet at umassd.edu
Cutter, Greg Coupled arsenic and phosphorus biogeochemistry in the tropical Pacific Ocean
Old Dominion University gcutter at odu.edu
Fine, Rana A. Measurement of CFCs and SF6 on GEOTRACES Peru-Tahiti Cruise
RSMAS/Univ of Miami
rfine at rsmas.miami.edu
Gallon, Céline
Flegal, A. Russell
Lead concentrations and isotopes distributions in the South Pacific Ocean
UC Santa Cruz celineg at ucsc.edu
flegal at ucsc.edu
Gallon, Céline
Flegal, A. Russell
Silver distributions along the GEOTRACES Pacific GP16 section
UC Santa Cruz celineg at ucsc.edu
flegal at ucsc.edu
Haley, Brian Nd Isotopes and REEs
Oregon State University bhaley at coas.oregonstate.edu
Hammond, Douglas E. 228Ra and 226Ra distribution in Pacific Surface Waters and Deep Waters as a Constraint on Mixing and Mass Transport of Solutes
Univ of Southern California dhammond at usc.edu
Hansell, Dennis Impact of the East Pacific Rise’s Hydrothermal Plume on Deep Dissolved Organic Carbon Distributions and Dynamics
RSMAS/Univ of Miami dhansell at rsmas.miami.edu
Jenkins, William J.
Measurement of helium isotopes, noble gases, tritium, and radiocarbon to elucidate OMZ ventilation and biogeochemical TEI processing, and the transport and transformation of hydrothermally injected TEIs
Woods Hole Oceanogr Inst wjenkins at whoi.edu
John, Seth US GEOTRACES Pacific sections: Iron, zinc, cadmium, and copper stable isotopes
Univ of South Carolina sjohn at geol.sc.edu
Kadko, David 7Be Aerosol TEI Supply
RSMAS/Univ of Miami dkadko at rsmas.miami.edu
Kenna, Timothy C. Measurement of selected anthropogenic radionuclides on the US GEOTRACES section between Peru and Tahiti
Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs tkenna at ldeo.columbia.edu
Lam, Phoebe
German, Chris
Particulate trace element concentrations Woods Hole Oceanogr Inst pjlam at whoi.edu
cgerman at whoi.edu
Lamborg, Carl
Hammerschmidt, Chad
Mason, Robert
GEOTRACES: Mercury Speciation and Cycling in the Tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean

Woods Hole Oceanogr Inst
Wright State University
University of Connecticut
clamborg at whoi.edu
chad.hammerschmidt at wright.edu
robert.mason at uconn.edu
Lupton, John E. Helium Isotopes Measurements NOAA-PMEL-VENTS John.E.Lupton at noaa.gov
Maiti, Kanchan Pacific 210Pb and 210Po
Louisiana State University kmaiti at lsu.edu
McManus, James Analyses of Barium on the GEOTRACES Pacific section
Oregon State University mcmanus at coas.oregonstate.edu
Moffett, James Measurement of Fe(II) and sulfide on the GEOTRACES North Pacific Section
Univ of Southern California jmoffett at usc.edu
Morton, Peter Particulate Trace Element Speciation
Florida State University pmorton at fsu.edu
Murray,  Rick
Moran, Brad
Pacific Ti Boston University
University of Rhode Island
rickm at bu.edu
moran at gso.uri.edu
Pena, Leopoldo D.
Goldstein, Steve
Nd Isotopes and REE
Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs leopoldo at ldeo.columbia.edu
steveg at ldeo.columbia.edu
Resing, Joseph Fe, Mn, Al and Particulate matter composition NOAA-PMEL-JISAO Joseph.Resing at noaa.gov
Saito, Mak Total Dissolved Cobalt and Cobalt Speciation
Woods Hole Oceanogr Inst msaito at whoi.edu
Severmann, Silke Particulate Fe isotopes
Rutgers University silke at marine.rutgers.edu
Sherrell, Robert Particulate and Dissolved TM
Rutgers University sherrell at marine.rutgers.edu
Stewart, Gillian
Church, Thomas
Baskaran, Mark
Distribution of 210Po and 210Pb at GEOTRACES stations in the South East Pacific Ocean Queens College, CUNY
Univ of Delaware
Wayne State University
gillian.stewart at qc.cuny.edu
tchurch at udel.edu
Baskaran at wayne.edu
Twining, Benjamin Metals in Organisms
Bigelow Lab for Ocean Sci btwining at bigelow.org
Winckler, Gisela
Schlosser, Peter
Helium isotopes along the GEOTRACES section between Peru and Tahiti Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs winckler at ldeo.columbia.edu
schlosser at ldeo.columbia.edu
Wu, Jingfeng Dissolved Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and Cd, colloidal Fe and isotopic ratio of dissolved and colloidal Fe
RSMAS/University of Miami jwu at rsmas.miami.edu
Zurbrick, Cheryl 
Gallon, Céline
Flegal, A. Russell
Isotopic Composition of Cadmium in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean

UC Santa Cruz zurbrick at metx.ucsc.edu
celineg at ucsc.edu
flegal at ucsc.edu