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Link to US Geotraces GP17 Cruise website

U.S. GEOTRACES is planning to extend its meridional transect that was begun on the 2018 GP15 Alaska-Tahiti expedition south to the Antarctic ice edge and then east to Chile. This transect was in the original series of the International GEOTRACES Program and is designated GP17 (https://www.geotraces.org/cruise-overview/), but was not part of the original basin planning workshops from 2008-2009. Because of the potentially important TEI inputs and transformations occurring in Antarctic waters and shelves, GP17 would also have a second “leg” into coastal and shelf waters of Antarctica’s Amundsen Sea. The scientific justifications and rough logistics for these cruises are described here [linked documents - GP17-Antarctica  Features and rationale and GP17-Ocean  Features and rationale.


More detailed plans for GP17 ocean (“GP17 OCE”) and Antarctic (“GP17 ANT”) expeditions will be discussed at an upcoming ONLINE workshop scheduled for the week of 06 May 2020.


Documents to Aid in Proposal Preparation