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US Arctic – Letters of Intent


EMAIL (of lead PI)


Aguilar-Islas, Ana 
Rember, Robert
Lamborg, Carl

University of Alaska Fairbanks (amaguilarislas@alaska.edu) 

Sampling and analysis of Al, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Cd, Hg and Pb in sea ice and snow 

Amon, Ranier 
Kaiser, Karl
Benner, Ron

TAMUG Distribution of CDOM and biomarkers in the Arctic Ocean

Anderson, Robert F.
Moran, S. Bradley
Edwards, R. Lawrence

Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
(boba at ldeo.columbia.ed

230Th, 231Pa and 232Th as tracers of supply, removal and internal cycling in the Arctic Ocean

Barbeau, Kathy, UC San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (kbarbeau@ucsd.edu) Organic complexation of dissolved copper

Baskaran Mark

Stewart, Gillian

Wayne State University

“Distribution of particulate and dissolved 210Po and 210Pb across contrasting zones during the GEOTRACES transect in the western Arctic

Bates, Nicholas

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)

Seawater Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Measurements (DIC and alkalinity) on the US GEOTRACES Arctic Cruise.

Berelson, William

University Southern California

Sediment cores obtained in the Bering‐Chukchi-Beaufort Sea transect.

Boyle, Edward

Rember, Robert

MIT eaboyle@mit.edu Pb and Pb Isotopes
Arctic Letter of Intent
Brzezinski, Mark

University of California Santa Barbara


Silicon Isotopes

Buck, Clifton

Landing, Bill

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Aerosol and Precipitation Sampling and Analysis for US Arctic GEOTRACES Cruises

Buck, Kristen

University of South Florida


The organic complexation of dissolved iron

Charette, Matt

Buessler, Ken

Moore, Billy

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
(mcharette at whoi.edu)

Short-lived U-Th Series Radionuclides and Large Volume Pump Management

Christensen, John


Letter of Intent for U.S. Arctic Geotraces Expedition

Cutter, Greg

Old Dominion University (gcutter@odu.edu)

Biogeochemical cycling of essential and toxic metalloid elements in the Arctic Ocean

Fitzsimmons, Jessica

Sherrell, Robert


MIT, Rutgers University


The distribution and size partitioning of dissolved micronutrient trace metals(Fe, Cu, Cd, Zn ,Mn, and Ni)

Gao, Yuan

Rutgers University


Quantifying aerosol composition/morphology and air-to-sea fluxes of key trace elements

Granger, Julie

Altabet, Mark

Knapp, Angela

Hastings, Meredith

University of CT


Characterization of the isotope compositionof atmospheric and dissolved nitrogen species on the Arctic Ocean Geotraces cruise

Guildersen, Tom

University of California – Santa Cruz


Determining the Δ14C of ΣDIC via
Guildersen, Tom University of California – Santa Cruz Determine the 129I content of total
inorganic iodine in Arctic Ocean samples

Haley, Brian

Oregon State University
(bhaley at coas.oregonstate.edu)

Letter of intent for the USArctic GEOTRACES Collaborative proposal.


Hammond, Doug

USC (Los Angeles)


227Ac distribution in Arctic Waters as a Constraint on Mixing and Mass Transport of Solutes

Hansell, Dennis


Particulate and Dissolved Organic Carbon and Nitrogen

John, Seth

Saito, Mak

University of South Carolina
(sjohn at geol.sc.edu)

Study the marine cycling of bioactive trace metals in the
Arctic with a combination of techniques including concentration, speciation, and stable isotope

Kadko, David

RMAS/University of Miami
(dkadko at rsmas.miami.edu)

Determining Atmospheric Deposition of Trace

Elements to the Ocean/Ice System of theArctic.

Kenna, Tim



Measurement of selected anthropogenic radionuclides on the US GEOTRACES section in the western Arctic
Lam, Phoebe




In situ pumps size fractionated TEIs

Lamborg, Carl

Hammerschmidt, Chad



Mercury Studies on the US GEOTRACES
Arctic Cruise
Mason, Robert University of Connecticut (robert.mason@uconn.edu) Air-Sea exchange of Mercury

Measures, Chris

Hatta, Mariko

University of Hawaii


Shipboard Fe Mn Al Zn

Millero, Frank

University of Miami


Inorganic Carbon and Density

Quay, Paul

University of Washington

δ13C of dissolved inorganic carbon and dissolved O2/Ar gas ratios

Schlosser, Peter

Smethie, Bill

Newton, Bob

Friedrich, Ronny

Ho, David


Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
Circulation and mean residence times of the upper waters and its freshwater components in the Arctic Ocean studied by stable isotopes of water (H218O/H216O ratio and 2H/H ratio), tritium/3He, CFCs, and SF6

Schlosser, Peter

Winckler, Gisela

Newton, Bob

Friedrich, Ronny

Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs. of Columbia Univ.
3He plumes around hydrothermal vent systems

Shiller, Alan

University of Southern Mississippi

Measurement of dissolved Ga, Ba, V, and CH4

Steele, Micheal

University of

Circulation-water mass

Twining, Ben

Morton, Peter

Bigelow Laboratory


TEI content of phytoplankton and abiotic particles collected from GO-Flo bottles

Wu, Jingfeng

University of Miami


Dissolved Fe, Mn, Cu, Cd and Zn and colloidal Fe in the western Arctic Ocean