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US GEOTRACES Arctic Planning Workshop
Dates:          29 September - 1 October 2010
Location:      Washington, DC USA

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Agenda  (available as of 24 September 2010)
Second Announcement (available as of 9 June 2010).
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First Announcement
US Arctic GEOTRACES Planning Workshop
29 September - 1 October 2010
Washington DC, USA
Please send initial expressions of interest to: dkadko (at) rsmas.miami.edu

Since the inception of the international GEOTRACES Program, a strong interest has developed in carrying out GEOTRACES-related activities in the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is at the epi-center of climate change, and changes there will ultimately be felt globally. It constitutes less than 3 % of the World Ocean area and about 1% of the volume, but it is unique in several ways. About 10% of the global river run-off is delivered to the Arctic Ocean and about 30% of the world's soil carbon is estimated to be stored in northern ecosystems within the Arctic catchment area. Effects due to a warming climate may have profound impact on the Arctic resulting in increased export of organic carbon and sediments to the Arctic Ocean. Arctic shelves constitute about 25% of the World Ocean shelf area and are among the shallowest in the world acting as an important regulator of the river export of organic carbon and TEIs to the central Arctic Ocean.

This interest has already led to several discussions and deliberations, including a GEOTRACES planning meeting held in Delmenhorst Germany in June 2009, which recognized the need for international collaboration to make future GEOTRACES efforts viable in this region.

In order to focus these discussions and to generate an action plan for future GEOTRACES activities between US investigators and international collaborators, a US Arctic GEOTRACES

We invite:




Workshop Program

29 September
AM     The Arctic Ocean and GEOTRACES: key processes and sites, existing relevant US and international programs and activities (plenary session)
PM     Tracers in the Arctic: key parameters, advocacy talks (plenary session)

30 September
AM     Breakout sessions: Discussion on topics, organization
PM     Breakout sessions: meetings and plenary discussion

1 October
AM     Breakout sessions: meetings and report drafting
PM     Synthesis and planning for future action (plenary discussion)


The Organizing Committee:


Funding and Travel Support

NSF will provide partial funding for this meeting. It is anticipated that limited travel support will be available and that this support will be distributed as a fixed subsidy, the amount of which will depend on pending requests.