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Martinson and Steele 2001
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Figure 1 -Eastern Arctic Profiles for years 1991, 1993, 1995
Figure 2 -The ocean heat flux potential < FT >, associated ice growth reduction Δh, and the percent reduction in winter ice growth potential Θr throughout the Arctic are shown in Figure 2...
Figure 3 -Table 1 reveals that areally-averaged potential heat fluxes are remarkably stable over the five year sampling window.
Martinson and Iannuzzi 1998
Figure 1 -Ideal winter and summer profiles of temperature and salinity
Figure 2 -Figure 2 presents the bottom topography, position of summer and winter ice extents, and polar front
Plate 1 -The winter thermal barrier is presented in Plate 1
Plate 2 -Winter thermal barrier depends predominantly on the thickness of the pycnocline (...) with ~48% of its variance attributed to this specific water column characteristic.
Plate 3 -The total amount of salt required to eliminate the winter surface freshwater content ...
Plate 4 -Estimate of that portion of the salt deficit which is eliminated by non-ice related sources of salt ,SE, is shown in Plate 4.
Plate 5 -Application of the SE correction to the total salt deficit,..., gives the corrected winter salt deficit, SD< W > (Plate 5)

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