Centers and Facilities

Observatory Technical and Innovation Center (OTIC)

While there has been tremendous progress in learning of the state and workings of our world, great discoveries await the innovative application of new technologies. Today we require more quantitative observations of the forces governing Earth processes; we need to observe in more environments and in greater detail the spatial and temporal scales of variability, and we must gather information on our changing environment. The Observatory Technical and Innovation Center (OTIC) was established to strengthen observation-based research at Lamont by increasing institutional capacity to design, develop, and utilize innovative field and laboratory instrumentation.

Ocean BGC

This page contains information on the research activities in R. Sambrotto's Lab. at Lamont-Doherty. Its covers the people involved and the analytical work we do on the biogeochemistry of oceans and estuaries. It includes the analytical capabilities available to outside users as well as information and protocols for people working in the lab.

Tree Ring Research Laboratory

Tree-Ring Lab (TRL) scientists are dedicated to expanding the use and application of tree-ring research around the world to improve our understanding of past climate and environmental history.  Current research concentrates on the use of tree-ring data networks to study regional climate, global climate teleconnections and anthropogenic impacts on forest growth.

Exploring new species in new regions, building collaborations around the world, and developing new quantitative techniques, TRL researchers are committed to advancing dendrochronology and paleoclimatology, as well as the ethic of good science