The Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory - American Museum of Natural History ICP-MS Lab is located at Columbia University's Lamont Campus in Palisades NY. The lab supports one MC-ICPMS, 2 quadropole ICPMS, and a brand new laser ablation system. We perform both isotopic and concentration analyses. Please visit our website for more information.

We perform high precision isotopic analyses on our VG Axiom Multi Collector ICPMS. We routinely analyze in solution Nd and Hf isotopes with a precision of less than 20ppm and Pb isotopes with precision of less than 100ppm.

We perform both highly accurate quantitative and semi quantitative analyses of elemental concentrations with 1-2% precision on our quadropole ICPMS. Although we primarily measure geologic, environmental and oceanographic materials, we are also able to analyze many other types of samples. We operate a newly refurbished VG PlasmaQuad Excell ICPMS, which is equipped with a brand new New Wave UP 193 FX excimer laser ablation system, enabling us to measure both in solution as well as a solid. We also have an older VG Plasma Quad 2 ICPMS which is primarily used for samples that may cause contamination issues on our newer instrument.