Geochemistry Seminars


*** Note: All Geochemistry seminars for Fall 2020 have been moved online due to the COVID-19 outbreak. ***

For questions, comments and seminar suggestions, please contact the seminar coordinators:

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Unless otherwise specified, Geochemistry seminars are held every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. EST

Recordings may be available upon request from the committee.

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FALL 2020

January 20

Nathan Yee, Rutgers University

Low temperature geochemistry


A Sulfate Story: From Continental Weathering to Assimilation by Microbial Life
January 27

Emily Pringle, LDEO

Cosmotopes Cosmochemical perspectives on the delivery and retention of volatile elements on the terrestrial planets
February 3

No Seminar

February 10 

Carolina Muñoz Saez, LDEO

  Radiocarbon dating of silica sinter and postglacial hydrothermal activity in the Altiplano
February 17 James Leong, LDEO   Geochemistry of reduced (H2- and CH4-rich) and alkaline (pH >11) fluids generated through low-temperature (<50 °C), continental serpentinization
February 24 No seminar    
March 3 No seminar, Spring break    
March 10 Shakura Jahan, Florida State University   Reconstruction of Paleostorm History Using Geochemical Proxies in Coastal Lake Sediments from the North and Northwestern Gulf Coastal Plain of Florida
March 17      
March 24 Marty Fleisher, LDEO Mass Spectrometry Sector Field ICP-MS: An Introduction and Examples of its usefulness as a Geochemical Tool
March 31 Miling Li, University Delware   Applying Geochemical Tools in Environmental, Ecological, and Health Science Research
April 7 Minda Monteagudo, Georgia Tech Palaeoceanograhy  Central Equatorial Pacific Cooling during the Last Glacial Maximum
April 14 Sujita Murty, SUNY Albany    
April 21 No Talk    
April 28 Claire Griffin, UVA Hydrology, Remote Sensing, Marine Science Ice wedges, infrastructure, and the changing Arctic landscape - local scale responses of aquatic ecosystems to climatic and cultural change on the Alaskan North Slope